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Free Download XMEye for PC With Some Simple Steps. This video monitoring application was developed by huangwanshui for mobile devices. But you can also use XMEye on PC. For that, you have to download XMEye for PC. Windows and Mac users can use the app by following a simple technique which is described below. Xmeye app for Windows PC/Mac OS X computer. Xmeye app only runs for Android and iOS smart devices. For desktop computers, you can download General VMS software, which support up to 64-channel video surveillance capability, it can support local IP cameras or add your Internet/remote network cameras and network video recorder by using CloudID.

Looking to download XMEye for pc?

Read our step by step process to download XMEye on Windows and mac pc.

Developed by huangwanshui, XMEye is a free video monitoring software build for front end monitoring equipment. XMEye is a video monitoring software efficiently designed for various types of IP cameras and NVRs and DVRs. XMEye is one of the most popular video monitoring applications. The application has multiple advanced features when compared to its rivals.

Xmeye For Mac How To Connect Cctv Camera

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This video surveillance application has a live preview option, allowing the user to have a real-time view of things that are happening. The remote playback option also enables the user to have a glance as you playback the videos remotely. You can even capture screenshots of the video as the application supports taking snapshots and searching for those pictures. You can also get involved in a bidirectional talk as you use the voice intercom. The PTX control of the application allows you to zoom in and zoom out.


Xmeye For Mac Huang Wanshui

Download XMEye for PC (Windows)

  1. You can get XMEye for Windows PC with the help of an Android emulator. Any android emulator would work for this process, but we would like to recommend Bluestacks as it is one of the best in this segment. Download Bluestacks for free from its official website.
  2. Open the emulator once it has downloaded and launch the Playstore.
  3. Search for the application using the search bar located at the top.
  4. Locate the application within the search results and click on the install button next to the application.
  5. Once the app has installed, you can find it on the home screen of your emulator and open it and use it without any restrictions!

Download XMEye for Mac PC

  1. The process of using this application on a Mac PC is identical to that on a Windows PC. Download Bluestacks from its official website.
  2. Open Bluestacks and launch the Playstore.
  3. Login using your Google account.
  4. Search for the application in the store using the search bar.
  5. Click on the application within the search results and install it to your emulator.
  6. Once the application has installed, you can open the application from the home screen of your emulator.

Features of XMEye on Pc

  1. EMEye is an excellent video surveilling application for inexpensive IP cameras such as IPC and DVR.
  2. Quickly login using the serial number of the device to see the live view monitoring video.
  3. Record videos, edit, and delete them by using the application.
  4. You can manually search for LAN Devices.
  5. Videos can be locally recorded and played.
  6. You can shake your device to enable the search feature.
  7. Cloud login support is also a vital feature of this application.

Alternatives to XMEye


IQCMS is a surveillance program that helps stay video playback, video stream, snapshots, etc. You can view your workplace, home, enterprise, or garage from anywhere in the world at any time with the help of IQCMS. You can enable instant notifications to get notified via emails every time a certain kind of movement is detected. The software is straightforward to set and can easily be used on any Pc to monitor videos safely. You can even save videos and edit them later.

AtHome Camera – Home Security

AtHome Camera is a unique software with the ability to turn any Laptop, smartphone, or tablet into a surveillance device. This application is designed for people who spend a lot of time away from home, allowing them to make sure that their house is safe and secure. The application can even be used to keep an eye on a baby who is sleeping in the other room. Another significant feature of the app is its ability to set off an alarm by detecting motion in certain areas. This feature can be used when the user is out of town, and the application detects movement in any one of their rooms.

vMEye Super

Developed by meyetech, is an excellent application for your security cameras and surveillance system for your office as well as your home. This application is effortless to use and very user friendly. The Super HD feature of the app is designed to monitor your security cameras and surveillance system without causing any trouble to others. This application is another CCTV surveillance application in the market, but its unique features make it stand apart. The video captured by your camera is directly sent to your smartphone or PC with the help of this amazing application.

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Xmeye For Pc Windows 10

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If you are looking for the best video surveillance app which is free to use, then Xmeye can be your perfect companion. It is abbreviated from the word Xiongmai eye and is one of the premium applications used in CCTV monitoring.

You can download xmeye for windows on your mobile using Android or iOS applications. This version is not available in PC, and for that, you need to install android emulators like Bluestacks to run the application. There is also a cloud server that comes equipped with this application that supports a massive volume of video images.

Xmeye is cloud storage, and free service runs for CCTV with remote monitoring and connectable to multiple devices. There are some cool features of xmeye pc software download, which we will discuss in brief in the next section.

Features of Xmeye

  1. Remote playback features
  2. Live video surveillance
  3. Two way talk support
  4. Local playing and recording
  5. Screenshot and picture locator
  6. Cloud server login
  7. Control support with pan, tilt and zoom features
  8. Gesture control features with shake to support
  9. Auto-update of videos
  10. Manual searching for Lan
  11. Adding, editing and deleting remote devices
  12. Cloud registry modifications
  13. Scanner and QR readability
  14. IP address configuration

Downloading Xmeye for PC, Mac, and windows

There is not much difference between xmeye app for pc and Mac. The only difference is that you need to get the android emulator for MAC version. Here you will learn how to install Xmeye via Bluestacks, which is the most powerful of Android emulators.

  1. Go to Bluestacks.com and get the .exe file and download xmeye for windows. Go through the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the nuances
  2. Search for Xmeye in the app center after you launch your Bluestacks application. Click on the download button and install the version.
  3. After successful installation, you need to run the application by double-clicking on it.
  4. Log in to your application using your Gmail id and password. If you don’t have one, you need to create a Gmail id.
  5. Follow the shortcuts to download xmeye for pc describe in the tutorial or navigate between the screens, and you can also run multiple applications at the same time.
  6. Configure your Xmeye for PC and with your installed cameras, and DVR monitors your security devices from the large screen of your PC.

How to use it for PC?

Currently, xmeye for laptop supports only a handful of devices, and so it is crucial to saving the serial number of security cameras before pairing them with your computer. There is one more thing you need to remember that you need to have cloud storage, which would require about 300 MB per hour per camera.

Xmeye For Mac Computer

In this article, you have learned about installing xmeye for pc windows and Mac. Xmeye is one of the most secure and features rich application which can be your best bait for cordoning the security parameters of your premise.

Free Download Xmeye Windows 10

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