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Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.6 introduces improvements to handling of spot color replacement, a new tool to create swatch books from a SoftRIP color database, and enhanced Automation Option. An improved installer imports printer settings automatically, making updating to a new version worry-free and easier than ever before.

Version 7.6 is 100 times more precise when doing spot color replacement to your printer inks. The precision of this direct-to-output tool has been increased to utilize the entire capability of Wasatch's underlying engine.

Spot Color databases are important for many printers, and Version 7.6 offers a tool that allows a swatch book to be generated from any color database in SoftRIP.

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Wasatch's Automation option has improved performance, including features to enable touch-screen interfaces for enhanced production workflow.

Wasatch 7.6 Download

The Update installer in Version 7.6 provides a quick and automatic way to import printer settings and configurations from an old installation.

Wasatch Softrip 7.8

Wasatch SoftRIP is sold in over 120 countries being the most widely used and globalized digital printing software in the world. Updates to color profiling documentation have been translated into 35+ languages.