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Download Splinter Cell: Splinter cell: Blacklist (First-person shooting game with essential gear and weapons) and many other apps. Splinter Cell Double Agent. Play your favorite game from the convenience of your mobile device or tablet any time.

Splinter Cell Double Agent Game Download For Android





  • Game Java Splinter Cell Double Agent - Download dengan Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry dan untuk semua ponsel Java J2ME lainnya didukung.
  • This is Splinter Cell Conviction (Android version) released by Gameloft that was removed and it is different from the pc/console version. I have changed the sounds and soundtrack of the game and i added new footstep sounds and some soundtracks from SC:Double Agent.

Splinter Cell Double Agent Game For Android Free Download

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 /8 /10
Processor: Intel Pentium IV or greater
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB or better
Storage: 8 GB

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The best-selling Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell® saga takes on an entirely new direction. In the highly anticipated sequel to the 2005 game of the year, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent™, play as a double agent spy for the first time ever. Take on dual roles of covert operative and ruthless terrorists, where your choices of whom to betray and whom to protect actually affect the outcome of your game. Experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent. Lie. Kill. Sabotage. Betray. All to protect the innocent. How far will you go to gain the enemy’s trust? As covert operative Sam Fisher, you must infiltrate a vicious terrorist group and destroy it from within. You’ll need to carefully weigh the consequences of your actions. Kill too many terrorists and you’ll blow your cover. Hesitate and millions will die. Do whatever it takes to complete your mission, but get out alive. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent Add-Games.com .

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