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Akeshaa: “ Free! Shimejis - Now available for Mac & Windows. Mac Thanks to the people who agreed to help me with some testing, and mostly tumblr user girlswithboyishnames, the Free! Fan-made shimejis. Shimejis are the adorable little mascots or desktop buddies of any character you wish, that play and run around your screen while you browse the internet. You can choose the character from the vast collection of pet directory or create one yourself. Shimeji for macbook pro. Shimeji is a free program that creates a small mascot to walk around your desktop, generally causing mischief. You can download the original program here. There is also an english codefork here, if all the Japanese intimidates you. By replacing the images in the img folder with your own, you can create your own desktop mascots.



Free! Shimejis - Now available for Mac & Windows

  • Mac

Thanks to the people who agreed to help me with some testing, and mostly tumblr user girlswithboyishnames, the Free! fan-made shimejis are now available for Mac users.

Nagisa Nitori Seijuurou

  • Windows

If you are using the previous versions I released, please delete them before using that one.

There are two versions :

Regular NoDivide (the shimejis will not multiply and just roam on your screen).

You can launch them either with the .exe or .jar file.

Note that it can take several minutes before they show up, depending on your computer specs.
To close, right-click on the shimeji or the icon in the system tray, and choose “bye everyone!” (ばいばい if you are on mac).

If you are having troubles running it, please check that page
or send me a message.

PS: note that even though they share most of the animations, those shimejis have a completely different behavior than the official ones.

Shimejis For Mac

Edit : I forgot to add the next character preview ! Here it is~

So these work on Macs? Sweet! A great alternative for Mac users since the official ones are Windows only (thus far?).

I’ve been trying to look into running the official ones natively on Macs, but everything suggests swapping your OS to Windows via Parallels or a similar program or by running the shimejis through a psydo-Windows application window with something like Wine. If you go with the second route the shimeji wander around in black windows across your screen and sounds don’t play. At least when I tried it. Less thanmbeautiful.

Until something is figured out about the official ones running on Macs I will fawn over these little shimejis on my Mac and play with the officials on a Windows laptop. These shimeji are adorable in a different way and are just as much fun to play around with. ^^

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Shimejis For Mac

Shimeji For Macbook

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