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  1. Two security tools have emerged as extremely useful during all of this – Virtual Private Networks and Remote Desktop Protocol. And, while many online users consider these two to be the same, there are several distinct differences between them. In this Zlog post, we’ll go over the topic of VPN.
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Here's how to set up the Remote Desktop client on your Android device: Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop client from Google Play. Launch RD client from your list of apps. Add a Remote Desktop. Download and Install the Remote Desktop Client from the Apple Store on your Mac. Login and establish a connection with the VPN Tunnel. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client; Click on the Plus.

Today, you do not have to be in the office to work in Windows 10. You can remotely connect to any computer within the same network using the free Remote Desktop feature from Microsoft. Virtual Private Network software also allows you to access private networks from the internet securely.

Many firms offer VPN services to their employees to facilitate connection to the company’s networks whenever the need arises. With this service, you can leverage features provided by the Operating System to connect to the VPN service from Windows 10.

You can also connect through an exclusive VPN client app that your company offers. Before using any VPN software, I recommend testing trial VPN.

Leveraging Remote Desktop with a VPN to Control a PC Remotely on the Internet

A virtual private network encrypts user network traffic to ensure that should hackers access the data they would have no way of decrypting it. The Best VPN service comes with numerous advantages for internet users. In this article, we shall discuss how to configure a VPN with Remote Desktop on Windows 10.

While everything here is available for free, you will need a VPN router to complete your configuration. The first thing you should do is launch your router admin panel and search for a VPN server option.

Remember, a server PC is the computer that you want to access remotely, while the client PC is the computer that you use to access the server PC.

Rdp vpn download for android windows 7

Configuring a VPN with Remote Desktop on Windows 10

First, you have to activate Remote Desktop connections on the server PC. Below are steps to help you do it.

  • Right-click the Start button on Windows 10 and proceed to System
  • Choose Remote Desktop
  • Activate Enable Remote Desktop and click Confirm
  • Write the name of the PC

Remember, Remote Desktop is only compatible with the Windows 10 Pro Edition.


How to Create a VPN Server with Your Router

  • Log in to your router admin panel through a web browser
  • Search the VPN area and analyze the available protocols (In case your router is compatible with OpenVPN then you can use it. If it does not you can activate PPTP)
  • For the OpenVPN Option
  • Create an OpenVPN certificate
  • Export your OpenVPN setup file
  • Upload the OpenVPN in a safe place
  • Activate the VPN server

For the PPTP Option

  • Create the Username and Password you need to connect to the server PC
  • Activate the VPN server
  • Find out your public IP address from Google and note it down

If you are using a dynamic IP address, register for a dynamic DNS server and use it for remote desktop and VPN connections. You may also need to acquire a static IP address from your internet service provider.

Still, you can configure a secondary IP address and convert it to static. Without a static IP address, your devices will not connect remotely to the PC when the IP address changes.

Configure VPN Connection on a Client PC

  • For PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
  • Click the Start Button on Windows 10 or press Win key
  • Type VPN settings then press Enter on your keyboard
  • Click Add a VPN connection and configure the following

VPN provider to Windows

Connection name to any display name.

Rdp Vpn Download For Android Windows 10

Server address or name to the public IP address of your server PC.

VPN type to PPTP

Type of sign-in info to User name and password.

Username, and Password to the account info you included in the PPTP router panel.

  • Check the Remember my sign-in info box
  • Click save
  • Choose the VPN connection and click connect

If your PPTP connection fails, try to troubleshoot the issue

For the OpenVPN Option

  • Download OpenVPN GUI for Windows 10
  • Install the tool using default settings
  • Download the OpenVPN configuration file you made from the router panel
  • Right-click on the OpenVPN GUI systray symbol and click Import file
  • From your router, choose the OpenVPN configuration file
  • Right-click on the OpenVPN GUI systray symbol and select Connect
  • In case OpenVPN GUI fails on your computer. You can establish the problem and fix it with ease.

Connect to the Server PC with Remote Desktop

  • Click the Start Button on Windows 10 or press Win key
  • Key in Remote Desktop Connection and press Enter
  • Configure your computer to the server PC name
  • Click connect
  • You will get a password alert. Type it down
  • You are now remotely connected to another PC via VPN


The Remote Desktop download is available for Android, Windows 10, and iOS. It facilitates remote connection to a server PC

You wrote your PC name when activating Remote Desktop Connections to the Server PC

Ensure the user account you use is the same one you granted permission to connect remotely via Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop, VPN, and a router that supports VPN connections allow you to connect to another computer from any part of the world.

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By now, hopefully we all know that the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) port shouldn't be exposed to the Internet. This is a simple guide that allows you to configure your servers so that they could only be accessed over RDP only from a local network that's going to be created using OpenVPN.

As an intermediate server, I am using a pretty small server running Ubuntu, whose only purpose is to make all of the servers work together in a virtual private network.

Server configuration

File /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf should look something like this:

This will create a virtual private network and provide users with a 10.10.10.X IP address.

P.S. Don't forget to allow connections to the port 1194 in the firewall.

Setting static IP addresses to specific OpenVPN clients

Note that in this case, both servers and your end devices are considered as 'clients' by OpenVPN.

Rdp Vpn Download For Android Windows 7

To set static IP addresses to specific clients, add the following line to the openvpn.conf file:

Create the directory you've specified under /etc/openvpn/ and within it, create a file for each of the clients you want to assign a private IP address for:

Rdp Vpn Download Windows 10

Each of those files only needs one line long setup: echo 'ifconfig-push' > server1, which will set the IP address of the first server to

Client configuration

Assuming you've already generated the certificate for a client (by using ./build-key <client_name> mentioned above), copy the following to the client machine from the keys directory:

  • ca.crt
  • <client_name>.crt
  • <client_name>.key

On a client machine, create an OpenVPN configuration file. It should look something like this and be named something like <openvpn_server_name>.ovpn:

Your final task is to install that certificate to the client's computer.


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  • Install OpenVPN GUI and start it.
  • Right click on the icon in the tray area, choose 'import', and locate the .ovpn file you've created.
  • Manually copy the three files you've downloaded from the OpenVPN server into C:Users<username>OpenVPNConfig<openvpn_server_name>.
  • Right-click on the icon in the tray area and click 'connect'.

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elementary OS

Note that this process should be pretty similar on all distributions that use a GNOME-based desktop environment. I just happen to be using elementary OS .

  • Click on the WiFi icon in the top panel and choose 'Network Settings'.
  • Pick 'VPN' from the left sidebar, click on '+' to add a new VPN connection.
  • In a pop-up, choose the 'Import a saved VPN configuration' and locate your .ovpn file.
  • Click on save, choose your newly created VPN connection from the WiFi icon in the top bar, and you're good to go.

Once both your client and your server are connected to the same virtual network, you can RDP into the server using its virtual private IP address provided by OpenVPN.

As a final step, disable RDP connection from your firewall and you're good to go.