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If you want to share your gameplay video with friends or even post it to video-sharing platforms, a PlayStation 3 video recorder is required. Thus, you can record and keep that moment forever. The traditional way to record PlayStation 3 gameplay requiring an HDMI cable and HDMI capture card, or AV cable and USB capture card. What if you don’t have any capture card around you? Is it still possible to record PS3 gameplay without a capture card? The answer is Yes. Here’re the detailed steps to record PS3 gameplay without buying anything.

  • Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac. This emulator is made by Microsoft for the Mac OS to give Mac users.
  • ESX is written in C, it uses a decompiled PS3 XMB kernel to archive native emulation of PS3 games with limitations like PSN support. ESX runs most of the PS3 exclusive titles at native graphics without any glitches but it requires a powerful set of hardware for that!
  • This is official website of PS3Mobi - No.1 emulator for Sony PlayStation 3 console built primarily for Android and iOS mobile operating systems, and later we decided to make it supported for desktop computers as well (with Windows and Mac OS). Linux users can check out the RPCS3.

Part 1: How to Record PS3 Gameplay on Your Computer

RPCS3 This is the second-best among the best PS3 emulators, it is used in both Mac and Windows. There are nearly 180 games to play, 500+ games are played using the glitch play. It supports Linux as also the operating system Windows.

Ps3 Emulator For Mac Download

A good gameplay recorder should be lightweight and powerful. It is annoying that your computer runs slowly due to PS3 gameplay recording. To record PS3 on PC without lag, you should not miss Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. It is a superfast PS3 recorder. You can record PS3 game as a normal video smoothly.

There is no maximum time limit or resolution restriction. Thus, you can record the original PS3 gameplay video without quality loss. Furthermore, you can add mouse effects and other real-time drawing effects while recording with PS3 gameplay. It is also supported to enable webcam recording. Thus, you can record PS3 gameplay and your face at the same time. Of course, all audio sources can be synchronized and recorded.

  • 1. Record PS3 gameplay video and audio with the original quality.
  • 2. Screen record PS3 game with different audio sources and webcam video.
  • 3. Keep your computer run as fast as before.
  • 4. Draw on your PS3 recording and set hotkeys to control the entire gameplay recording process.
  • 5. Save PS3 gameplay recording video as MP4, MOV, GIF, WMV or M4V.
  • 6. Share PS3 recording file to YouTube, Twitch or any other gameplay sharing platforms.
MacPs3 emulator apk

Step 1 Run PS3 recorder software

Before recording PS3 gameplay with a laptop or PC, you need to play PS3 game on your computer’s display screen. You can use a PS3 emulator to solve the problem. Then free download, install and launch Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder.

Step 2 Activate its game recording functionality

Choose Video Recorder in the main interface. Set the screen capture area with Full and Custom options. If you want to record with PS3 gameplay window, just hover your mouse above that window, This PS3 game recorder will recognize the window smartly. It is also supported to set the custom region by dragging with your mouse.

Step 3 Prepare for PS3 game video recording

Enable System Sound to record PS3 gameplay with audio from your computer. If you want to record your voice at the same time, you can enable Microphone as well. By the way, enable Webcam to record playing PS3 video game and your face in the same window.

Step 4 Record PS3 gameplay without capture card

Ps3 Emulator For Mac Free Download

Click REC to start recording PS3 gameplay. There is a little bar with multiple options. Here you can pause, resume and stop recording on PS3. Moreover, you can click Edit to make recording effects as well.

Step 5 Save or share your PS3 game recording video

When you stop recording on PS3, you will be in a preview window. Preview and trim the PS3 recording video based on your need. At last, you can click Save to download your PS3 game video recording. Or you can click Share to share it to YouTube and more in the Recording History window.

With this powerful screen recorder, you can also record Instagram stories on Windows and Mac.

Part 2: FAQs of Recording PS3 Gameplay

Any PS3 emulator for Windows and Mac?

Ps3 Emulator For Macbook

To run PS3 games on your computer without clutter, you can use RPCS3, Mednafen, ESEX-PS3, PlayStation Now, PS3 Emulator and more. Thus, you can stream PS3 video games on your computer successfully.

Is there a free PS3 recorder?

Ps3 Emulator Apk Android

Yes. You can use Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder to record PS3 game online for free as well. It is a free PS3 game recorder that allows users to record gameplay from PS3 on desktop. You can capture the streaming PS3 game video and audio for free. The recorded PS3 game recording video will be saved as WMV format.

What is the cheapest capture card for capturing PS3 gameplay?

If you want to try any other cheap way to record PS3 gameplay, you can take a look at some cheap capture cards. The specific price of each capture card depends on the discount you get. Here’re some affordable capture cards you can use, such as Mypin capture card, Homful capture card, Elgato HD60, AVerCapture HD and more.

Can you record PS3 gameplay with your phone only?

Well, it can be another free way to record PS3 gameplay without buying anything else. If you don’t mind the output video quality, you can hold your phone as a camera to shoot PS3 streaming video game as well. Just face the phone camera towards TV or other display screens. Or you can use a camera to record PS3 gameplay without a computer instead.

That’s all to screen capture PS3 game video without a capture card or any expensive equipment. You can record PS3 gameplay on your Windows or Mac computer directly. It is an easy and cheap way for beginners. You can get pretty good output quality and powerful gameplay recording features here. So if you are new to PS3 game recording, you can free download Blu-ray Master to have a try right now.