Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk Download For Android

  1. Download the Mod APK from our site. If you have downloaded this file on PC or Laptop, transfer to your Mobile device. Click on install, Mini Militia Mod APK file will be installed on your Android Device. Now play with your friends and family or play online!
  2. Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 mod apk for Android is all about fighting a war with the enemies and that too in a fun and strategic way. The player has to come up with a.

Download Mini Militia Mod APK on your Laptop and Computer. Mini Militia PC is As same as the Mini Militia Mobile Version. It will provide you with all the features we talk above. To download Mini Militia for PC you have to visit Microsoft Store from your windows PC. In case you are unable to op MS Store then click on below download button to. Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Events in World's board 'Mini Militia MOD APK', followed by 109 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about play hacks, download hacks, mini.

Jump into a battlefield that is full of your competitors and have combat. Mini militia a game that ensures the fun that a gamer wants from a game. This game never let its player bore. If you are in search of a game that can refresh you after exasperating daily tasks then download mini militia for PC now.

Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk Download For Android

Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk Download For Android Free

The game is a package of fun, action, joy, and adventure. Fly in the air and aim your enemies with your guns. Change your styles and looks and become a real warrior in the game.

You can also invite your friends to play with you. Multiplayer mode will allow you to have a conversation with your friends. Make a team and play. Win the combat and get amazing rewards. Never let your rivals defeat you. This can be possible if you will train yourself by clicking the training mode. This practicing mode helps the beginners to become expert. After your training, move into the battlefield and kill the foes.

Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia for PC:

This game is popular among Android users. Almost all users from many countries like it. It has high ratings. If you want to play this game on PC then kindly follow these instructions. As it is a popular game among Android users. So, if someone wants to play it on PC then use emulators.

Android emulators are used for installing Android apps on PC. For this purpose use emulators like Bluestack, MEmu, or emulator of your choice.

Download the emulator and search for the game then install MINI MILITIA for PC. Now, you can play this game on your desktop and your Mini Militia PC is ready to play. Enjoy the play and share your experience with us. This is a very amazing game for your pastime.

Features of Mini Militia PC Verison:

  • Multiplayer mode is available
  • New version has removed the bugs
  • Tutorial mode is available for the beginners to learn about the game.
  • You can invite your friends on social media for playing the game
  • It has over 20 maps to explore
  • Offline mode is also available
  • It’s a 2d game full of fun
  • New updates have made the play easier for the beginners.
  • New weapons are also available
  • amazing rewards are for those who win the combat
  • You can change your styles
  • looks and modern weapons make the play more incredible.
  • Mini soldier can fly in the game
  • You can use hacks in the modded version to play like a pro

App specifications:
Its version is 5.2.0 with a download size of almost 39.49MB. It was last updated on 19 May 2020. With more than 100,000,000+downloads it has high ratings. The game was released on 13 May 2015.

Final words

Download Mini Militia for PC now and play the game. Use practice mode to play like a pro. Tell your friends about the game and play with them by making a team of six. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. If you still have some questions ask us in the comment section below. Share this information with your friends too. Stay home, stay safe.

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The game Mini Militia has so many MODs. One of them is Mini Militia Mega MOD APK, which is known as the Ultra gun MOD. It has the combination of all of the features required to not only level up but also to increase the score as well.

Sounds great 😎 this mod is full of fun download now and enjoys the game. It has over one million downloads in the game world. The main features of this MOD include Unlimited Ammo and Nitro.


Download Mini Militia Mega MOD APK

Mini Militia Ultra gun version or jetpack MOD APK’s idea of having unlimited resources is from the Clash of Lights (Private Server), where you get every resource without a limit. Download mega or ultra Mod APK in just one click. 🙂

NameMega Mod
Download pageView
Last Update1 day ago

Features of Ultra Mod

The followings are the key features:

  • The fun will get ruined if unlimited health is given to the avatar(s) since it would remove the fear of death from your heart and will soon make any game boring for you to play. However, it doesn’t give you unlimited health. Instead of that, this game provides you with a feature of 5 X Health Regeneration. This feature will boost up your health and will help you recover faster.
  • You can minimize the game, which means that you can play while having it loaded in the background as well.
  • This game grants you with the killer mod, which means you can now destroy all of your enemies at one shot. Wow, don’t tell me you’re not up for this?
  • You are given with melee weapons in this version, which provides you with a ten-time more substantial power for attacking melee.
  • You have seen your health progress bar on top of the screen on every action game you ever played, but Mini Militia mega APK version will allow you to spy on the health progress bar of other players as well as your opponents. So, you know who is weaker than you already!
  • Unlimited Jetpack and weapons.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro


The two main features are the following:

Unlimited Ammo 😎

Haven’t we all experienced this when the opponent is about to attack or is attacking us in any game, and we realized that our guns need to be loaded or it’s out of bullets? Isn’t it annoying as hell?

Well, Mini Militia Mega or Ultra MOD APK solved this problem for you. Typically, we get six bullets in an ordinary gun. This size of magazine increases based on the variety of weapons you have, but in this game, no matter which arm you are holding, you get infinite magazine size, infinite bombs.

Infinite magazine size cuts down an extra step of reloading your gun. You don’t have to worry about running out of bullets, bombs in the times of trouble anymore. You can shoot as many bullets as you like and kill as many opponents as you want without paying for anything.

Unlimited Nitro 😎

Sometimes walking on the ground can be dull and annoying or can contain way too many obstacles for you to overcome. To spicy up the game, it has brought to you a significant feature.

In other MODs, players would get free Jetpack for only 10 to 15 seconds. After this period, the fuel for the jetpacks would get low. Once the fuel is back up high, the avatar can fly once again. Fuel refilling was a concern for the players because of the limitation of a short time to fly.

But in this MOD, you can use unlimited jetpacks so you can fly anywhere you want across any of the 20 maps of this game. Flying will be so much more agile for you, and this will be an enjoyable thing to do as well, so why not.

Download Mini Militia by Vishnu

One of the cracked versions of Mini Militia is by Vishnu. Vishnu added some tempting features in the game. Some of the features are down below:

Upgraded sound:

Sound is one of the things in the game that creates interest. Mini Militia by Vishnu focuses on this main thing to keep the player’s interest in the game.

This MOD APK has a new highly definite background sound, which not only keeps the player’s interest in the game but good for your mood swings.


In the original Mini Militia, a player gets a limited amount of jetpacks. These jetpacks only last for 10 to 15 seconds. After this time period, the gravity of the ground pulls the players back on the land.

However, with mini militia Vishnu mod, a player can enjoy limitless jetpacks. Now, you can fly as much as you want without any restriction of time and gravity. Download from below.

NameMini Militia by Vishnu
Download pageview
Last Update1 day age.

My Personal Experience

It is an ideal mixture of all the features required for a player to be entertained and engaged at the same time. This game is a colossal version and a big success for all the players who want to cheat while playing, especially the youngest.

I have seen people play this Mod over other MODs since it doesn’t require any additional waiting period. This waiting period avoids the refill of the jetpack’s fuel and reloading of bullets. Even I prefer this MOD or game over any others.

Good that some stress is out of the way, huh!

This version is the most popular worldwide with 33% of the score. Whereas, other MODs only weighs between 10% – 20%. For instance, Mini Militia Wall Hack MOD APK weighs only 12% worldwide, Mini Militia Unlimited Everything MOD APK weighs 9%, etc.

I like the fact that it is incredibly user friendly with an easy user interface (UI) design that displays nice and big buttons.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is a combination of some key features of Mini Militia, which mainly includes unlimited ammo and unlimited nitro. This game is also under the name of the Mini Militia Ultra MOD APK.
To download any hacked version of the Mini Militia, you will have to change your security settings for your android phone by enabling the “Unknown source” option. Once done, you can easily download any cracked MOD.
Make sure that this game is not installed on your phone already. Once you have downloaded the file for this game, give all the required permissions and follow the in-app installation wizard to install this game on your device. Once done, you are good to go!


When this game firstly introduced in the game world, the avatars had the power to be expeditious and speedy. However, this feature was soon deleted from this game since it was destroying the fun of other regular players.

Besides this, there are two critical features of this version which includes Unlimited Ammo, and Unlimited Nitro. 😉 It will give you the power of no reload, and let you fly for an indefinite time.

This game is a great one to play, and I recommend it. I hope you will try it. All the best!