Microsoft Treeview Control Version 6.0

  1. Microsoft Treeview Control 6.0 (sp6)
  2. Microsoft Treeview Control Version 6.0 7.0
Although the add-in has been tested and create a backup file when used there is always the potential for an error to lead to the corruption of a workbook. Therefore I strongly recommend that you take your own copy of the file before using the designer.
The RibbonX Visual Designer is a VBA add-in designer to help with the construction of Ribbon interfaces.
This latest version still works with CustomUI for Excel, PowerPoint and Word files. For more details of what is possible see the page on the previous designer.
The latest version now has the ability to work with CustomUI14 for Excel. This will only be available if the add-in is used with Excel 2010. If you use this add-in with Excel 2007 you will be presented with the original designer options.
The following table details which customization, when present, will be visible for the version of the application being used.
Application File contains Application Uses
Excel 2007XCustomUI
XNo custom ribbon
Excel 2010XCustomUI

Microsoft Treeview Control 6.0 (sp6)

In order to make this add-in version available I have made the decision to introduce the new features of customUI14 in stages.
This first stage includes all the new tabs, groups and properties in Excel 2010.
It does not include Contextual Menus or Backstage customization. I will add these as well as the other applications as and when I have time.
When the add-in is loaded 2 new buttons will appear on the Developer Tab.

Microsoft dropped VBA support for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. VBA was restored in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Microsoft said that it has no plan to remove VBA from the Windows version of Office. With Office 2010, Microsoft introduced VBA7, which contains a true pointer data type: LongPtr. This allows referencing 64-bit address space.

The Loader menu contains the choice of custom ui to edit.
The Designer menu contains the Office Applications that can now be used.
I have also added a button to the Backstage section.
Due to the number of reports from site visitors that the download files were reporting malware or malicious code, which I believe to be false positives. I have recompiled both the 32bit and 64bit files.
Download the latest version of RibbonX Visual Designer
Download the 64-bit RibbonX Visual Designer

Microsoft Treeview Control Version 6.0 7.0

There are 2 new properties included for use on the ribbon
centerVertically. This will position 1 or 2 controls centrally on the ribbon.
Download centervertically
The 'Delete unused imagery files when saving' will remove files from Images folder.
Download the latest RibbonX Visual Designer
To replace existing add-in with a later version you simply need to overwrite the existing add-in. Make sure Excel is not running otherwise you will not be able to replace the file. The download also includes the schema files for each ui version which should be stored in the same location as the add-in in order to allow for xml validation.
Bug fix to prevent adding controls to built-in Groups
  • Added Supertip attribute to Gallery control
  • Version 2.30 January 2014
    • Version 2.24 September 2013
      • Bug fix to allow text that could be interpreted as excel worksheet function
    • Bug fix to handle multiple group dialog launcher buttons
  • Error handling for xl2007 icons not supported in xl2010
  • Added ability to write to either CustomUI or CustomUI14 sections
  • Fixed Office menu (2007) entry points and nesting of menu items in editor
  • Jan Karel Pieterse (
    Ron de Bruin (
    Ken Puls (
    Randy Birch (
    I also made extensive use of the RibbonX book Customizing the Office 2007 RibbonBy Robert Martin, Ken Puls, Teresa Hennig
    including trying all the example download files.
    Doug Glancy has created an alternative to the CustomUI editor, which is a new addin for editing and validating Ribbon customUI XML.
    It’s a form that lets you modify ribbons in workbook and addins

    customUI Ribbon XML Editor
    Here is a youTube video prepare by Dr Stephen L Gay and his son.

    My thanks to them both for putting this together and making it available to others
    'Can't find project or library' or


    • Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library
    • Object Library Microsoft Forms 2.0
    • Microsoft XML, v3.0
    Another Security update that can cause problems due to changes in the MSCOMCTL library.
    Article ID: 2687441 MS12-060: Description of the security update for 2007 Office system: August 14, 2012

    64-bit version

    I have now created a version that will work with 64-bit Excel.

    Due to lack of support for certain form controls, namely treeview, listview and imagelist, I have had to create my own version of those controls using supported form controls.

    Bug Fixes for 64-bit version

    • Bug fix removal of debug.print command
    • Version 2.42 February 2016

      • Fixed insertion of selected toolbox control when using Insert button rather than double click

      • Implement InsertBefore and InsertAfter properties for tabs

    Download the 64-bit RibbonX Visual Designer