Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.6 Free Download

  1. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 6 For Windows 10 Free Download
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  • There's a free trial, with free academic licenses and paid commercial licenses. There will be 'personal' licenses in a few weeks (from early Sept 2013) as well, since the commercial pricing is a bit steep for hobbyists. Some of the features: Auto-completion. Hoogle searching of all of Stackage. Hoogling in the context of a module and its imports.
  • Microsoft Toolkit is a complete set of toolkits for managing, licensing, deploying, and activating Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019) and Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10). It supports Windows all versions and editions activation, as well as the Office all products activation.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 6 For Windows 10 Free Download

The purpose of this table is to provide reference information about the provenance and history of notable commercial open-source applications, adopting Business models for open-source software, alphabetized by the product/service name.

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About Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit (short name = MTK and formerly known as ‘Office Toolkit’ ‘Windows Toolkit’ or ‘EZ-Activator’) is used for activation of Office 2003/2007/ 2010/2013 and Windows 7/8/8.1, the new version includes Office 2019 Toolkit, Windows 10 Toolkit and Office Uninstaller for 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 and that’s why we this is called FINAL.

Why I Posted Microsoft Toolkit?

Microsoft Toolkit is made for poor and needy people whom can not pay for this. As Windows 10 Home Basics has a price of 100$ and Windows 10 Pro has a price of 150$. Microsoft Office 2019 has 150$. A common man can’t afford these costs. So we have to make it. If you can afford this, you must buy from authorised dealers.

What is Microsoft Toolkit????

Microsoft Toolkit is a complete set of toolkits for managing, licensing, deploying, and activating Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019) and Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10). It supports Windows all versions and editions activation, as well as the Office all products activation. It is indeed the Office 2013 Toolkit’s upgrade version, with both Windows activation and Office activation functions.

Supported Products

Windows XP (SP1, SP2, SP3) Office 2007
Windows Vista (Pro, Enterprise Business) Office 2010
Windows 7 (Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate) Office 2013
Windows 8 all editions Office 2016
Windows 8.1 all editionsOffice 2019
Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise

Features of Microsoft Toolkit

  • Office Toolkit / Activator
  • Windows Toolkit / Activator
  • Microsoft Office Setup Customization Functions (Customize Setup Tab)
  • AutoKMS Uninstaller (if AutoKMS or KMSpico is installed)
  • AutoRearm Uninstaller (if AutoRearm is installed)
  • Office all versions and editions Uninstaller
  • Product Key Checker


Version 2.6 Beta 7 Final Updates

  • Added Mondo KMS Client Keys.
  • Changed AutoKMS to be less likely to crash due to different Date/Time formats.
  • Added more Serial Keys to the Activator, to give you best activation results.

Version 2.6 BETA 5 Updates

  • Office 2016 Click To Run Partial Support (If Converted to VL)
  • Office 2016 Traditional Full Support
  • Fixed removing of Trial/Grace Product Keys via EZActivator
  • License Backup will no longer save Registration.reg files
  • Main Office Tab will indicate “Traditional” vs “Click To Run” Office install type
  • Office Uninstaller removes Office 2016 and Click To Run, as well as Office 365 editions
  • Updated Task Scheduler Library

Version 2.6.1 Updates

  • Office 2016 Support (WARNING: Preliminary – Assumed to work, but may fail if unexpected changes/assumptions about Office install are introduced by Office 2016 RTM)
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Added Licensing State message “Store License”. Occurs when getting the free permanent Windows 10 Upgrade
  • Disable KMS Online Ticket Validation (Windows 8.1+) when activating
  • Disable Windows Vista Rearm Count (OS doesn’t support it)
  • Fixed Backup of Windows Vista due to lack of cache.dat
  • Fixed KMS Server Service Crash on XP due to corrupt HWID
  • Improved TAP Drivers
  • Improved WinDivert Uninstall
  • Remove Trial and Grace Keys when using EZ-Activator
  • Support for KMS PID with 5 Digit Build Number (EX: 10240)

Activation with Microsoft Toolkit

    1. Install your Windows 10 or Office 2019.
    2. Run Microsoft Toolkit with Administrator rights.
    3. There will be two icons on lower right corner.
    4. Click the Office icon enter the Office Toolkit interface, or click the Windows icon to go into Windows Toolkit interface.
    5. Now click on “EZ-Activator” button or install the KMS activation server instead) Office (2003~2019) or Windows system.
    6. Done, enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Microsoft Toolkit and Windows/office Activation

(Q1) Antivirus consider it as virus, Unable to Install

Microsoft toolkit edits registry files of Windows so almost all antivirus programs consider it as Virus, but it is totally clean and safe to install.

(Q2) Do i need to use it again if i update or even upgrade Windows Version?

Once Windows is activated, you don’t need to use it again as long as this Windows up and running. I you installed a new Windows then you will need Microsoft Toolkit or any other Windows Activation tool to reactivate this newly installed Windows.

(Q3) Can i uninstall Microsoft Toolkit after Activation?

Yeah sure, no problem.

(Q4) Can i turn on Antivirus after activation?

Yes of course.


The purpose of this table is to provide reference information about the provenance and history of notable commercial open-source applications, adopting Business models for open-source software, alphabetized by the product/service name. It is not to be used or interpreted as an advertisement for the vendors.

Product or service nameCommercial vendorDescriptionCurrent versionOpen source
Project name
Ver 1.0 Date
389 Directory ServerRed HatLDAP-compliant directory server1.4.0Fedora Directory Server2005
AbiquoAbiquoCloud management4.5Abiquo2008
AdaControlAdalogSource-code controller and coding standard checker for Ada1.13r8AdaControl2004
AirflowAstronomer[1]Workflow management platform.1.10.5Apache Airflow2015
AlfrescoAlfrescoEnterprise content management, web content management2.2Alfresco2006
AsteriskDigiumPBX server / telephony toolkit16.5Asterisk2004[2]
BaculaBaculaData backup/recovery9.4.4Bacula2000
Berkeley DBOracle CorporationDBMS engines18.1Berkeley DB Core1994
BIND 9Internet Systems ConsortiumAuthoritative/recursive DNS software9.16.10BIND 92000
Bonita BPMBonitasoftBusiness process management suite7.9Bonita BPM2001
CassandraDatastaxNoSQL database3.11.4Apache Cassandra2008
ChefChefConfiguration management tool14.10.9Chef2009
Cloud FoundryPivotalMulti-Cloud platform11.1.0Cloud Foundry2011
CockroachDBCockroach LabsNewSQL DBMSCockroachDB2015
CompiereCompiereERP and CRM3.3Compiere2000?
ConsulHashicorpService discovery1.4.2Consul2014
CruiseControlThoughtWorksSoftware development tools2.8.4CruiseControl2007
DaDaBIKEugenio TacchiniDatabase front-end applications generator9.4DaDaBIK2001
DolibarrDolibarr AssociationERP and CRM10.0.0Dolibarr ERP CRM2003
DrupalAcquiaWeb Content Management System8.6.17Drupal2000
EntrancedbEntrance SoftwareSQL-based data exploration tool1.3.34Entrance Community2007
EPESI BIMTELAXUS LLCFramework for building CRM/ERP web applications, Business Information Manager (BIM)1.8.2EPESI2006
Ext JSSenchaCross-browser JavaScript framework6.7.0Ext JS2007
EyeOSEyeOSCloud-computing operating system2.1betaEyeOS2007
FirefoxMozilla CorporationWeb Browser68.0.2Firefox2002
FluentdTreasure DataLogging and data collection1.32011
ForgeRockForgeRockIdentity and access management2.1.2ForgeRock2010
Fuse Message BrokerProgress SoftwareJMS platform6Apache ActiveMQ2006
FUSE ESBProgress SoftwareEnterprise service bus7.4.0Apache ServiceMix2006
FUSE Mediation RouterProgress SoftwareRouting and process mediation engine2.6Apache Camel2006
FUSE Services FrameworkProgress SoftwareJAX-WS 2.0 service-enablement framework2.3Apache CXF2006
GitGitHub, GitLab, BitbucketVersion control2.23.0Git2005
GNAT ProAdaCoreAda compiler9.2GNAT1995[3]
HadoopCloudera, Hortonworks, MapRDistributed system for big data management3.2.0Apache Hadoop2006
InfluxDBInfluxDataTimeseries DBMS1.7.6InfluxDB2013
Ingres DatabaseIngresRDBMS11.0Ingres?
IntelliJJetBrainsSoftware development tools2019.2IntelliJ2001
ISC DHCPInternet Systems ConsortiumDHCP client/server/relay software4.4.2ISC DHCP1999
Java Enterprise SystemOracle CorporationApplication server, middleware, LDAP, etc.8Java2003?
JBoss Enterprise MiddlewareRed HatEnterprise middleware based on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition7.2JBoss2001
Joget WorkflowOpen DynamicsWorkflow, Business process management, RAD6.0.2Joget Workflow2009
Jumper 2.0Jumper NetworksUniversal search tool powered by enterprise social bookmarking2.0.1.9Project Jumper2008
KafkaConfluentData streaming processing2.3.0Apache Kafka2011
KalturaKalturaVideo and rich media management platform and applications dual-licensed under AGPL, and commercial license, provided as self hosted and SaaS6.0 (Falcon)Kaltura2012
Kea DHCPInternet Systems ConsortiumDHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server software1.8.2Kea DHCP2014
Liferay PortalLiferayEnterprise web portal5.0.1Liferay Portal2000?
LogicalDOCLogical Objects SrlDocument Management System8.3.2LogicalDOC document management – DMS2004
Lotus SymphonyIBMOffice productivity suite3.0.1Eclipse, OpenOffice2007
LucidWorksLucid ImaginationOpen Source Search Platform8.2.0Apache Lucene / Solr1999
Magento EnterpriseMagentoeCommerce2.3.2Magento[4]2008
MapBoxMapBoxMapping softwareMapBox2010?
MariaDBMariaDB CorporationRDBMS10.4.7MariaDB2008
MongoDBMongoDB Inc.Document Store DBMS4.0.10MongoDB2009
MonoNovell (now Xamarin)Open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET application framework6.0.0Mono2004
MuleMuleSoftEnterprise service bus and integration platform3.9.0Mule2003
MySQL EnterpriseOracle CorporationRDBMS8.0.17MySQL Community1995
Neo4jNeo4jGraph DBMS3.5.8Neo4j2007
NetBeansOracle CorporationSoftware development tools
(Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc.)
OdooOpenERP S.A.ERP, CMS/Ecommerce12.0Odoo2005
OpenbravoOpenbravoERP2.33Openbravo ERP2001
OpenSearchServerOpenSearchServerEnterprise Search1.2OpenSearchServer2009
Open vSwitchNiciraSoftware Defined Network2.11.1Open vSwitch2009
Open CASCADE TechnologyOpen Cascade SASSoftware library for 3D CAD / CAM / CAE applications7.3Open CASCADE Technology1999
Open WorkbenchComputer AssociatesProject management / governance tools1.1.6Open Workbench2004
OrangeHRMOrangeHRMHR management2.6.6Orange HRM2006
Palo Business Intelligence SuiteJedox AGPalo is an open-source BI solution for corporate performance management and OLAP-based planning, analysis, consolidation and reporting.2018.1Jedox AG2002
Pentaho Business Intelligence SuitePentahoBusiness intelligence, data mining, data integration, analytics, reporting, and dashboards8.2Pentaho Open BI Suite2004
Poseidon for UMLGentlewareSoftware modeling tool8.0ArgoUML1998
Project.netProject.netProject and portfolio management9.3projectnet2000
PuppetPuppet LabsInfrastructure configuration management6.0.4Puppet2005
QtTrolltechGUI development toolkit5.13Qt1995
Rational Application DeveloperIBMSoftware development tools4.12Eclipse2001
Red Hat Enterprise LinuxRed HatEnterprise server and client Linux distribution5.2.10Linux1991
Sencha TouchSenchaHTML5 mobile app framework2.4.2Sencha Touch2010
SilverStripeSilverStripeEnterprise CMS and development framework4.4.3SilverStripe2008
SnareInterSect AllianceLog collection and analysis4.0Snare2001
SnortSourcefireNetwork Intrusion Detection3.0Snort1998
SolarisOracle CorporationOperating system11.4OpenSolaris1992
SparkDatabricksData analytics framework2.4.3Apache Spark2014
Spring FrameworkSpringSourceSoftware development framework5.1.9Spring2002
SquizSquiz.netEnterprise content management systemv4.8.2 (PHP5)Squiz Matrix1998
StarOfficeOracle CorporationOffice productivity suite8.0OpenOffice.org2000
Sun StudioOracle CorporationSoftware development tools for C, C++12.6NetBeans2000
SUSE Linux Enterprise ServerSUSEEnterprise server and client Linux distribution12openSUSE2005
TerraformHashicorpInfrastructure orchestration and management0.12.7Terraform2014
TiDBPingCAPNewSQL distributed database3.0TiDB2017
WebsphereIBMWeb server, application server, middleware2002?
UbuntuCanonicalLinux distribution19.04Ubuntu2004
Univention Corporate ServerUnivention GmbHServer operating system4.4-7Univention Corporate Server2004
Unreal EngineEpic GamesOpen source game engine written in C++4.22.3Unreal Engine1998
VarnishFastlyWeb accelerator6.2.0Varnish cache2006
VyattaVyattaRouter, firewall, VPNVC3Vyatta Community2006
WebixXB SoftwareCross-platform JavaScript Framework6.4.0Webix2013
WordpressAutomattic, WP EngineWed content management system5.2.2Wordpress2003
ZarafaZarafaEmail and calendaring solution7.2.5Zarafa opensource edition2005
Zenoss CoreZenossApplication, network, and systems management6.2.1Zenoss Core2006
ZmandaZmandaFile / dbms backup and recovery2.6.1Zmanda Community Edition2005
ZopeZopeContent management system and web portal2.10.5zope.org1999

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 6 Free Download Filehippo


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