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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Crackis the best data recovery software to solve all problems – recover files from a hard drive, an external hard drive, a USB flash drive, a memory card, a digital camera, mobile phone, audio player and other devices due to deletion, formatting, software crash, hard disk damage, virus attack, partition loss or other unknown reasons. It provides a safe, fast, and fully comprehensive data recovery solution that is trusted by millions of users. A few clicks are enough to recover all your lost data.

Disk Drill is a feature-packed SD card repair tool capable of performing a full scan of a corrupted SD card and recovering all data from it with a few clicks. It supports all file systems that are typically used to format SD cards, including FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS. When the SD card needs to be cleaned of everything on the card and the card is literally to get a new beginning, formatting is done. SD card formatter software online or even SD card formatter software for PC is available especially when the RAW file system needs to be fixed and to prevent further damage due to data loss. Better and safer way for memory card recovery would be using freeware iCare Recovery Free Edition which is a 100% free memory card recovery program that could do the same job as CardRecovery for recovering files from your digital media card. Free download iCare Data Recovery Free Risk of Downloading CardRecovery Crack.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Crack is constantly launching software tools for tasks such as backup and recovery, data recovery and partition management: each package is usually delivered with a free edition with limitation (or trial version) and professional versions / professional with additional features: thank you This sales strategy, which is quite common for this type of software companies, can satisfy the needs of all potential customers, from individuals to SME, through businesses, technicians and others. All EaseUS tools can be purchased online from their e-commerce website. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is an easy-to-use application that helps users recover deleted or lost files safely. The software can recover data from the following types of devices:

  • MacBook / iMac
  • HDD
  • USB key
  • Digital camera
  • iPod, MP3
  • Video player as MP4
  • Memory card for camcorders such as SD, CF, XD, and MMC card
  • Other storage media

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 13.3 Crack + Serial key Free Download

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Serial keydoes not limit the amount of data it can recover and receives free technical support for life with a paid license. It also has the option of creating a bootable USB drive and recovering data from a macOS machine that cannot be started. Using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is as easy as it is documented on Install, analyze, and recover files. After installing the application, which was very easy, I selected the unit that I wanted to analyze and tweak in the “scan” mode. I was a little late when the security of my system detected that the application was not coming from a “reliable source.” Therefore, I had to enter the preferences of my system and allow login to the application first.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard License Key is straightforward. Choose a unit to scan, specify a particular folder you want to search for, then sit back and wait. Once the scan of the player is finished, you can filter the files found according to the location or file type, or you can search for the name of the file you want to recover. If you do not find what you want at the beginning, you can wait a little longer (well … much more) until the end of the in-depth analysis. There is no system to inform you about the possibilities of recovery; Although there is a file preview option, you should try to hope for the best.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Key Features:

Recover lost data from various platforms

  • The EaseUS Data Recovery software allows you to recover your lost files from different platforms, such as laptops, computers, and external/removable storage devices straightforwardly and quickly.

Quick, fast, and secure data recovery process.

  • This freemium software restores lost data quickly and easily: start the software, select the failed data drive and, click on the scan button, your files will be recovered.

Supports a variety of storage units

  • The EaseUS data recovery wizard can recover lost files from SSDs, SD / SD cards, USB memory drives, digital cameras, Zip drives, floppy disks, and many other storage drives.

It has a flexible data recovery process.

  • How to recover deleted files in Windows and Mac OS: a detailed guide
  • This software includes a flexible data recovery process.
  • How can you suspend the data recovery process and resume it at a later time, and continue where you left off.

Effective data recovery

  • The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to recover all lost data from the selected platform or unit.
  • First, start a quick scan and then a full scan that performs an exhaustive search on your computer to recover all lost files/data.

Recovers almost all types of files.

  • Another exciting feature of this software is the ability to recover almost all types of files, namely: All multimedia file formats, all kinds of data (for example, .Txt, .doc, .docs, .xlsx). , .xltm, etc.), compressed files. , email documents, etc.

Memory Card Repair software, free download With Crack Full Version Free

Ability to recover data from different data loss scenarios

  • The data recovery assistant EaseUS recovers all your data/files lost due to accidental deletion, disk formatting, file corruption of the disk and virus attacks, system failures.
  • Exploitation, deletion of a rough partition, etc.

It allows to import and export the results of the analysis.

  • The EaseUS Free Data Recovery software allows you to import or export previous analysis results whenever you want.
  • If you only want to recover your most important documents and continue with the others later, export the scan result to a folder on your PC and continue with the remaining files at any time.
  • You can import the saved scan result and continue without scanning any of the connected units again.

It supports all versions of the Windows operating system.

  • A good thing here is that the EaseUS Free Data Recovery software is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft ™ Windows operating system. To witness it; Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 ~.

A pleasant and easy-to-use user interface

  • At the bottom of our list is the easy-to-use interface with which it is delivered.
  • This is another exciting feature of the EaseUS Free Data Recovery software that deserves to be mentioned.
  • The wizard presents a calm and easy-to-use interface that allows everyone to use it without any learning curve.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 13.3 License Key 2020:



EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 13.3 Serial Key 2020:



System Requirements:

  • Mac OS XKodiak, 10.0 (Cheetah), 10.1 (Puma), 10.2 (Jaguar), 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion)
  • OS X8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • macOS12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), 11.0 (Big Sur) and Later Version.
  • Supported hardware:Intel or PowerPC Mac.

How to Install Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Crack?

  • First of all extract the zip file you have downloaded.
  • Now make sure that you have turned off your internet connection.
  • Drag and drop the dmg file into your app folder.
  • Run it and enjoy the full Easeus Data Recovery Wizard App.
  • No need for crack or serial keys.
  • All Done!

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The spread of SD Cards and USB sticks brought along the problem of accidental data loss on portable devices. We can list a whole bunch of tools designed to help you out in problematic situations. Many of them you have to pay for, but there are some free ones as well. We are looking at the sd recovery software whose free versions are efficient indeed.

In this review we are going to tell you if there are any limits on the size of files or the features of the program in general, as well as talking about key features and strong points of each of those recovery apps.

Best sd card recovery software:

Recuva – few limitations, Deep Scan mode

Recuva isn’t just a general program supporting data recovery from SD Cards, it’s also 100% free. If you want to compare it to other software, Recuva’s features are similar to those of its paid analogues such as Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro.

It doesn’t really matter whether you lost your files from a USB flash drive, HDD or memory card. Whether it’s your phone or camera, Recuva is going to find damaged photos and videos, undelete them on sd card.

To restore the content of the SD Card, define the type(s) of the deleted files, start the scan and have a look at the preview. Afterwards save the result to any device.

The price of Recuva Pro is $19.95. Recuva Free doesn’t include user support. Nevertheless, it provides detailed instructions, and you can get prompt answers to your questions on the forum.

Recuva Free can be installed on a Windows 10, 7 and below device; there are both 32 and 64 bit versions of the tool. For the autonomous installation you can use the Portable version (don’t copy it to the memory card!).

Strong points of Recuva Free:

  • Deep Scan option is great when you need to rescue damaged files and partially erased data as well as to find the data which had been overlooked by other recovery tools
  • Clear interface which caters both for more experienced users (Advanced mode) and newbies (Recuva Wizard)
  • No limitations on the amount of recoverable data in the Free version
  • A possibility to create a virtual image of a sd card to connect it as a partition on your disk and then restore memory card from the copy
  • Color marking depending on how damaged your deleted files are

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – restore 2GB on your SD Card for free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is quite a celebrity on the market of free memory card data recovery software for mobile and desktop devices. It is suitable for restoring files on a memory card. Compatible with Windows 7,10, Server and others versions of the OS.

Recovery cases include damaged SD Cards, formatted RAW (what is it?) and those having reading errors as well as SSD/HDD with bad blocks. It’s easy to create a VHD image of the disk and restore from it without the risk of overwriting the files.

The program is easy to use and is similar to the Explorer. In the settings specify a memory device/storage media and preferred file type, and this can be both file extensions selected by you and all the found data.

The developer confirms in the comparative table on its website that EaseUS Data Recovery Free can save up to 2GB of data, which is more than enough for a photo archive or a short video/clip.

If you feel restrained by the limitations and features of the Free version, there is always an option to buy the full version of it – Data Recovery Wizard Pro (priced at ($69.95). Fully-functional for 30 days.

Strong points of EaseUS Data Recovery:

  • 2GB of data restored for free,
  • Flexibility: besides memory cards it supports SSD/HDD/USB flash drives,
  • Creation of an ISO image for an SD Card.

Disk Drill – recover up to 500BM of deleted files from sd card for free

Disk Drill is a user-friendly sd card data recovery software for any version of Mac OS and Windows. It is suitable for memory cards in photo cameras and phones in mass storage mode. It supports data recovery on MMC, SDHC/X, MicroSD, CF, XD and Sony Memory Sticks.

In HFS+, FAT or NTFS file systems Quick Scan is applicable while raw and unknown filesystems can only be scanned in the Deep Scan mode, which involves search by signatures in file system tables.

Free (Personal) version is limited by the max of 500MB that you can restore. If you excess the limitation, you can but the Pro version for $89.

Disk Drill Free includes a number of add-ons, including backup and preview before saving selected files.

Strong points of Disk Drill:

Memory Card Repair software, free download With Crack Full Version
  • Shows disks with unallocated space in the device list
  • Handy filtering of recovered files by file type and other attributes
  • An option to pause a recovery session
  • Scanning SD Card for data by signatures (Deep Scan)

7-Data Recovery – usable unit for data recovery on SD Card

7-Data Recovery can retrieve less deleted files from sd card for you than, say, EaseUS Data Recovery – up to 1GB. However, this can be quite enough not only to test the tool but get the needed files recovered.

Using 7-Data Recovery makes sense if you had lost files on SD Card of a digital camera or smartphone (mostly because if reading errors or formatting). Yet it can be any device recognized by Windows as NTFS or FAT file system.

The results are displayed as a Directory tree; you can see Name, Size, File type and Modification date of selected files. There is also a preview option that can be enabled.

The settings are not complicated. You can enable scanning for RAW files and define file types you want to scan for (Graphics/Documents/Multimedia, etc.).

On top of the basic tool the developer offers 7-Data Card Recovery on its page. This one supports all the essential types of memory cards, including Memory Stick, microSD, Compact Flash and others.

Strong points of 7-Data Recovery:

  • Wide coverage of numerous memory card and USB flash drive types
  • Simple User Interface
  • Handy-to-set up scan and filter of results

Recovering photos from a memory card by signatures with Photorec

It's almost impossible to find a review on free recovery tools without Photorec being mentioned in it. As you can clearly tell from its name, this program is designed for working with erased images and photo. In addition to this, the developers claim that several hundred other formats are also supported (by the way, you can also create your own search patterns).

The biggest advantage is that the file system you store the lost files in isn't crucial for the program: it can be FAT, NTFS (Windows), HFS (Mac OS) or exFAT, ext2/ext3/ext4 (Linux). Photorec can search by specific labels, i.e. signatures which allows it to find file fragments, corrupted data and whole files (if possible).

Photorec is a safememory card recovery software for pc which works in read-only mode. The results can be copied into a folder on another disk, flash drive or mobile device memory card. It also should be mentioned that the program doesn't limit the amount of recovery results any user can save.

The list of storage devices you can recover from is quite large: CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital/SD and other memory types, not to mention HDD/SSD. You can also recover deleted files from media players memory, digital and video cameras.

On the forum you can read different recovery cases or ask the developer your questions. In fact there is a free technical support.

DMDE provides professional recovery from memory cards, flash drives and HDD

Even though the free version is limited, we decided to include this program in the review. DMDE is used in professional circles as a convenient and effectivesd data recovery software. The program is cross-platform which means that it can be used under Windows, Linux, Mac OS and DOS via the command line.

Let's start with its limitations. DMDE free version allows you to recover up to 4000 items.

Other versions of DMDE program (Express, Standard and Professional) remove the file limits. License cost starts from €16.

Moreover, basic tools are available in the free edition:

  • Disk editor allows you to manually change disk structures and file tables as well as perform a deep search for deleted files
  • and create image discs for future recovery from a complete copy of the original.

The list of compatible storage devices includes HDD, RAID arrays, usb flash drives, sd and microsd cards. The file system can be almost any one from the existing. When we are talking about memory cards it usually comes to NTFS, exFat or FAT. Linux and Mac OS FS are also supported.

Glary Undelete – unlimited memory card recovery

Glary Undelete (also known as File Undelete) is a little free tool which does data recovery on SD Cards. It only works with the file systems FAT and NTFS, so if your USB flash drive or SD Card uses one of these, Glary Undelete cab be of help.

Memory Card Repair software, free download With Crack Full Version Windows 10

Inside Glary Undelete basic recovery features are easy to see. Still the paid version of the program provides a few pleasant additions, deep scan in particular. This is the key feature, whereas so often such utilities are simply useless without it.

The program offers filtering by name of the file, size, date and status. It comes in super handy when you need to sort all those tons of files the tool is going to find for you. Filtering enables you to save only selected data.

State of the file can be marked either as “Very Good” or “Poor”, marking like in Recuva tool.

Glary Undelete, no doubt, can’t compete with other recovery tools reviewed in this article in terms of its features, but it has an undeniable advantage: unlimited size of data you can recover.

Strong points of Glary Undelete:

  • Unlimited recovery on SD Card
  • Filtering and preview of scan results
  • Marking the status of the data being restored

Memory Card Repair software, free download With Crack Full Version 32-bit

Which program is it better to choose for recovering a sd card?

Recuva is afree sd card data recovery software which operates fully without any payment (We hope, it will stay like this forever). This is the exact reason why this program stays the most popular on the market.

Memory Card Repair software, free download With Crack Full Version Crack

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free version limits allow just 2 GB of data to be recovered which is quite enough to begin with. This program is very user-friendly and it has a step by step wizard.

7-Data Recovery and DiskDrill are now one and the same software. It has some nice additions, for example you can pause the scanning process or search by signatures.

Glary Undelete is a pretty simplesd card recovery software for PC. It's quite suitable for recovering files on a memory card, but it hangs behind all the other programs if we compare their functionality.

DMDE is probably the best professional tool and its price is low if we take into account its list of capabilities. It properly searches for files on a memory card, although mostly it's used for recovering data on a hard drive.

Photorec is mostly suitable for searching for lost photos and recovering them on any desktop platform. Memory cards are supported as claimed and you can work with them via a card reader.

Bottom Line

Well, obviously there are many more free sd card data recovery software, but while doing my research I found out that many of them stopped being developed.

It is also an often case when the software description claims it to be free, while what they do is they offer you to buy the program once you’ve previewed the results and pressed “Recover”.

Besides, by a free version they can possibly mean a demo with limited features.

Memory Card Repair software, free download With Crack Full Version Download

Leave your comments whether any of the reviewed software has been of help and suggest other tools you used to our readers. Thanks!