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Oct 31, 2019 Welcome to MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking, the world's leader in Game Hacks, Game Cheats, Trainers, Combat Arms Hacks & Cheats, Crossfire Hacks & Cheats, WarRock Hacks & Cheats, SoldierFront Hacks & Cheats, Project Blackout Hacks & Cheats, Operation 7 Hacks & Cheats, Blackshot Hacks & Cheats, A.V.A. Hacks & Cheats, Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, Gunz Hacks & Cheats, Quake LIVE Hacks & Cheats. MapleStory Bots Bots for MapleStroy are basically just programs that will take control over your ingame character and perform repetitive tasks for you automatically. Bots can kill mobs, collect items, sell items, craft, trade, do any kind of crafting and are generally quite effective at automatically making money and leveling your character up. GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects.

Blink182 Trainer –
Working new version!
Added Save&Load function, read carefully @ Version Notes.

Updated to V151.2.2 !

Version Notes :
v151.2.2 – 26/7:
Added Save&Load function!
Now you can save your botting functions and the hacking functions to a TXT file.
ATTENTION: loading the configurations still not work LOLxD

v151.2.1 – 26/7:

Updated, no bc detection anymore!
v151.1.3 :
Released a new update,
hopefully will work now !
Please! reply in the topic if it keeps get detected..

v151.1.2 :
Fixed detection..
Should work fine now, maybe auto mp works ? didn’t test
v151.1 :
Updated to ^^^^^
Auto MP should finally work..

v150.1.3 :
Fixed Auto HP!
Auto MP is still not fixed.
Added Multiple-Attacks function !
Now you can use regular attacks with Aran, Kaiser and Beast Tamer!
All you need to do is setup the
first textbox, to your multiple-attacks count,
and setup the other textbox after it (Delay : ..) to the delay you want to attack!
Auto Attack gets disabled when you activate Multiple Attacks,
And when you activate Auto Attack, same thing will happen to Multiple Attacks.

v150.1.2 :
Disabled Godmode,Mobs To Right.
Fixed Blackcipher detection.

v150.1.1 :
Fixed Godmode, Updated to current Version
Customized a new SEXY GUI!

v149.3.5 :
Fixed auto HP
Working on the Movement system.
Enabled Physical Godmode and added Magical Godmode.

Maplestory bot all versions cheat

v149.3.4 :
Didn’t released LoL

v149.3.3 :
Fixed Detection, Disabled Physical Godmode from use.

v149.3.2 :
Fixed Hook Stats (X/Y Character coordinates)

v149.3.1 :
Created the trainer



Unlimited Attack
Super Tubi
No Breath
Godmode – Disabled.
Mobs To Right – Disabled.
Auto Attack – Ctrl
Auto HP – Delete (FIXED)
Auto MP – End (FIXED)
Auto Skills (Delay in Seconds)
Auto Loot (Delay in ms)
Multiple-Attacks :
Basically auto attack for arans and kaisers and stuff like that,
which has melee attacks that attacks multiple times..
Teleports to a certain X/Y Coordinates, don’t spam or dc
This method will check if your Character, has moved from his “range” of X/Y coordinates,
And it will simply teleport him to his original X/Y coordinates.


Downloads :
Virus Scan

How to Use :
1)Download the DLL file and save it in your Maplestory Folder.
2)Download Injector Gadget or any other injector.
3)Open any injector tool.
4)Open GameLauncher.exe
5)Inject the DLL file to the MapleStory process.

Requirements :
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
Microsoft .Net framework 4.0
Still not working?
Try download Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable.

Have fun using this!
For any advices, or problems, post here and i’ll reply!
You want me to create a function, or a hack?
PM me or post here!

Take a sec to get to know Maplestory Quicky Bot. Why rough it through all the hours of training til your hands hurt on Maplestory when your character could be dozens of levels higher overnight with a few simple hacks… The power of this bot can take you from level 1-70 in a day or 1-150 in a week!

What’s possible?

  • Day 1: 1-70
  • Day 2: 70-97
  • Day 3: 97-115
  • Day 4: 115-127
  • Day 5: 127-137
  • Day 6: 137-144
  • Day 7: 144-150

Featured Hacks

  • Character Statistics
    • Shows Hp, Mp, Exp, Level, stats, and much more misc information that can be useful when using the packet editor, or making a macro to control your character in the Lazy Leveler function.
  • Packet Editor
    • This new and improved packet editor allows for sending, recieving, spamming at a specified delay, blocking, and ignoring packets of your choosing that will appear in the overhead display above the buttons.
  • Map Rusher
    • Rush from one map to another or go to a completely different continent with my rusher 2.0, this includes hidden maps, free market, and mini dungeons. Move around quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Road Runner (NEW)
    • This new feature enables you to bot on your bowman or thief that needs to buy/recharge stars and arrows every so often, this once configure will allow the bot to run back to the town quickly, get what ya need, and head back to training.
  • Improved Godmode
    • This recently found godmode is a mix of previous versions, it will show the damage done to you to other players around you but not actually damage your HP, this gives off a more legit appearance. Included in this godmode is a no knockback to prevent you from being knocked around while botting.
  • Mob Disarm
    • Tired of those pesky magic skills monsters will use on you, Mob disarm prevents this from ever happening when enabled so those monsters will never kill you will flaming balls of fire shooting in your direction ever again!
  • Full Map Attack
    • This is used with Chain Lighting, Reflection, and Blaze. While standing in a safe place in the map, this gives you the ability to attack every monster on the map no matter the distance you are from them.
  • Mob Control
    • For everyone that can not use Full Map Attack, this conveniently makes all of the monster walk in your direction and even jump off of their platforms so they will all come crawling to you ready to be killed
  • No Delay
    • Instead of attacking once every second, this will allow you to attack up to 20 times per second if you can computer can handle it, if not, the speed can always be lowered
  • Auto Login/restart
    • For every time Maplestory crashes or disconnects this will enable the trainer to restart and re-log you back into the game with your previous setting still enabled and get you right back to hacking without ever having to lift a finger.
  • Item Filter
    • Enable this function and you will only see what you want to see, no more red potions, arrows, and etc drops anymore! Customize this to block any drops you don’t want to see.
  • Auto Bot (Macro)
    • THE BEST FUNCTION ON HERE! This will play the game for you, if you set it properly, this will use your Hp, Mp, and any other potion when necessary along with attacking, looting, buffing, and walking around the map whenever you tell it to. To prevent autoban, this includes auto cc and auto cashshop. After configuring this, you will never need to play the manual way again.
  • Pet Item Vac
    • Get a pet with a meso magnet or a item pouch and he will loot for you, get both and you can make upwards of 80 mil a day in pure mesos if you train in the right map. Possibly over 200 mil a day with drops, but if I told ya where, where would the fun be in that?
  • Save/Load settings
    • For ease of setup, once you get your bot set up and save your settings, they will be saved for next time so your setup time will be greatly reduced.
  • Misc Hacks
    • Includes fly, swim, and sit hack, all fun but useless.

Quicky Update Log

  • v.149.0
    • Updated to version 149.0
    • Disabled item filter until WZ fix (temporarily)
  • v148.2
    • Updated to version 148.2
    • Godmode bug fix
    • Fixed FMA lag
  • v148.1
    • Updated to version 148.1
    • Increased map rush speed
    • Minor tweeks
  • v147.3
    • [NEW] Road runner
    • Cleanup code

Maplestory Bot All Versions Free

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Since I go to school for CIS (Computer Information Systems) creating Maplestory Quicky Bot is is what I call my practice and have fun keeping this updated, and keep exploiting Maplestory to find new features and cool ways to “stick it to the man”,but before the download page, I do ask that you complete a quick survey so I can make a few cents per download since this does take me dozens of hours a month that I could be doing other things. Leave a comment with any questions or concerns and ill be glad to assist you… Thanks – Mark

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