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Data & analytics are the backbone of our essential intelligence. We analyze data from millions of sources that deliver meaningful, actionable insights to help increase revenue, manage risk and make decisions with conviction.

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Deep financial, sector specific data and real-time analysis to drive confident decisions.

Geographic information system (GIS) technology is key to developing prosperous communities and solving the world's most pressing environmental and social problems. Hundreds of thousands of organizations from a wide range of industries use ArcGIS to make maps, perform analysis, share information, and solve complex problems around the world. Deep Freeze Standard User Guide License The Deep Freeze License must be activated within 30 days of installation failing which Deep Freeze will stop functioning. During activation, the Deep Freeze License is authenticated with Faronics. To update the License Key, click Edit and enter the License Key in the License Key field. Data & analytics are the backbone of our essential intelligence. Our experts analyze data from millions of sources to deliver meaningful, actionable insights.


  • The intelligence you need, when you need it.

    We integrate sector-specific and market data with news and analytics to understand the market dynamics.
  • Meaningful insights based on relevant information.

    As the world rapidly evolves, our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions for your business needs. We aim to source, structure, link, and deliver best-in-class data for you. This data, when combined with our core offerings, creates the essential intelligence our clients rely on to answer the questions critical to their business. These insights are leveraged in the decision-making process for asset managers, consultants, corporations, energy utilities and financial institutions around the world.
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  • The big picture and the details, in one place.

    Our proprietary analysis coupled with customizable data and tools helps put you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to steer through complex global markets and seize opportunity.

License Key Deep Freeze Standard

Integrating sector-specific data, price assessments, market insights with proprietary analysis.

  • S&P Global Ratings provides detailed analysis and assessments of creditworthiness, offering essential data points when planning acquisitions or other strategic initiatives.

  • S&P Global Market Intelligence provides expansive coverage with deep, relevant sector-specific analysis. Web-based tools help users find actionable quality insights, anywhere in the world.

  • S&P Dow Jones Indices provides the latest tools and solutions to stay at the forefront of index investing. Our data & perspectives are intrinsic to how investment intelligence is applied.

  • S&P Global Platts daily price assessments and deep supply chain analysis provide an integrated worldview of commodities that gives customers confidence to act with conviction even in volatile markets.

  • CRISIL, a global analytical company, is India’s leading credit rating agency, largest independent integrated research house and foremost provider of data, analytics and solutions.

By The Numbers
  • 1M+

    Outstanding credit ratings on entities and securities across a wide range of sectors

  • 4 Million+

    Companies covered by our research and data

  • 10,000+

    Daily energy and commodity price assessments produced

  • 99%

    Of global market capitalization covered by our analysis

Essential Intelligence for a changing world.

With our global footprint, years of experience & breadth of capabilities, we’re here to help you form a clear picture of the world’s markets so you can make decisions with conviction.

Research & Commentary

Insightful and actionable perspectives on events shaping the ever-changing financial and commodity landscape.

License Key Deep Freeze Standard 8.61

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Key economic benchmarks that provide transparency across global credit, debt, equity and commodities markets.

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Credit Ratings

License Key Deep Freeze Standard 8.30

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Deep Freeze Standard 8 License Key

Trusted global credit ratings to project creditworthiness and help investors make informed decisions.

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