Kof Mugen Game

Hey everyone, this is the full game of KOF MUGEN ULTIMATE, running through the mugen engine. The gameplay is is better than the original and you now have the.

  1. Kof Mugen Game Download For Pc
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Kof Mugen Game

Considered as one of the best flash fighting games in the world, KOF Wing 1.9 is based on the popular arcade game from Capcom/SNK and this new version brings new character Rugal Bernstein and spectacular graphic effects. The great strength of this game is its artificial intelligence, adjustable on five levels, which promises fierce fighting against computer and that whatever your skill. Here is the new 1.9 full version of King of Fighters Wing, playable in English, full screen and with the ability to unlock all characters.
Game Controls:
WASD: Move
UIOJKL: Attacks
Menu Screen:
W / S: Up / Down
J: Select
NB: The game weighing more than 50 MB, it is not recommended for people who do not have a fast internet connection.
See also: The King of Fighters Wing EX (Release Date: Jan. 28, 2014)

Before you start playing mugen.exe, be sure to add it to your firewall and antivirus exception list.
Problem 1: An error message appears after I launch mugen.exe saying that my resolution is not supported.
M.U.G.E.N ver 1.10 (2012.08.31) status log
Parsing command line...
Command line: C:Users<username><path>KOF Ultimate Mugenmugen.exe
Parse command line OK
Allocating game variables
Reading configuration file...Setting language 'en'.
Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 1753437...OK
Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK
Initializing input engine...OK
Initializing sound...OK
Initializing BGM... OK
Initializing graphics...gameCoord 1280x720...render mode 2_20...trying 1280x720x32 mode 0x0...failed.

Go to data folder in your KOF Ultimate Mugen directory.

Find for a file called mugen.cfg

Right click mugen.cfg and select Properties.

At the Attributes section, you will notice that Read-only is checked.

Uncheck the Read-only and click Apply. Then click OK.

Open mugen.cfg and scroll down until you find [Video]. Under [Video] you will see Width = 1366 and Height = 768.

Change the Width and Height to the value of your screen resolution. For example, 1920 x 1080 is Width = 1920 and Height = 1080. After you are done, save it.

Alternatively, if you want to play in fullscreen, just chsnge Fullscreen = 0 to Fullscreen = 1.
Save it and run mugen.cfg. Your game will be in fullscreen mode.
Problem 2: Game Runs Slowly
Integrate mugen.exe to run with Nvidia driver.

For those of you whom are using Nvidia graphics driver, please make sure you are running mugen.exe using High Performance NVIDIA Processor.
Go to your Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Add > find and select mugen.exe.
At the Select the preferred graphics processor for this program, select High Performance NVIDIA Processor.
Click Apply and exit the Nvidia Control Panel.

Kof Mugen Game Download For Pc

The game should now run at optimum speed.
Problem 3: Black Screen Appears After Logo Screen
After running mugen.exe, you should see this screen :
This screen should appear along with other logos before a black screen appears.
The black screen will appear after the logo screen above.
When the black screen appears, just wait for 3 - 5 minutes for the game to load.
The game WILL load, we have tried this on 10 different PCs and all worked the same.
Until now, we are sorry to say that there is no fix available for the long loading of the game after the black screen.
This problem only appears whenever you run mugen.exe for the first time or shutdown your PC and run mugen.exe again. We probably think that the long loading is due to the high number of characters in the game itself.
The good news is that after the black screen loads, the game runs fast and smooth until you exit the game. Hence, the only long wait is when you first run mugen.exe.

Problem 4: Character Loading Error Followed By Crashing To Desktop
This error occurs because of a mismatch in the characters and the
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused as we are trying to make all character work with the game (characters from older versions will need tweaking to work).
Here are the available fixes for characters:
Rose Bernstein
1. Extract the file to your desired location.
2. Copy the extracted folder and paste it in your KOF Ultimate Mugen > chars.
3. Overwrite and replace existing files when prompted to.
4. Run mugen.exe.
If you still have problems running your game, please leave us a comment, a post or private message us at our Official Page. We will get to you as soon as possible.