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  2. Xdebug's step debugger allows you to interactively walk through your code to debug control flow and examine data structures. Xdebug interacts with IDEs to provide step debugging functionality, and therefore you also need to configure an IDE that knows how to talk to Xdebug with the open DBGp protocol.

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Xdebug's step debugger allows you to interactively walk through your code todebug control flow and examine data structures.

Introduction #

Xdebug interacts with IDEs to provide step debugging functionality, andtherefore you also need to configure an IDE that knows how to talk to Xdebugwith the open DBGp protocol.

This protocol is supported by nearly every PHP IDE (including Visual Studio Code and PhpStorm), and also by text-based editors. There isalso a simple Command Line Debug Client available as part of the Xdebug project,but it is strongly recommended that you use an IDE for debugging. (An overview of third party clients is available further downthis page.)

Configuring Step Debugging #

In your php.ini, 90-xdebug.ini, or otherdistribution specific PHP ini file, change (or set) the xdebug.mode setting todebug. In set-ups where PHP/Xdebug and your IDE all run on thesame host, this is all you need to configure on the PHP and Xdebug side.(Skip to Activating the Debugger ifthat's the case.)

If PHP/Xdebug run on a different machine, virtual host, or in a Dockercontainer, you need to tell Xdebug where to make the debugging connectionto, as it is Xdebug that initiates the communication to the IDE, and not the other wayaround.

If PHP/Xdebug run on a different machine in the same sub-net, and you runyour browser on the same host as your IDE, then you set thexdebug.discover_client_host setting to 1. Xdebug will then use theHTTP headers to find out the IP address of the host that initiated thedebugging request, and use that IP address to connect to. This is a commonway of set-up if you are sharing a development server among you and your teammates.

In more complex set-ups you need to configure the host and port that Xdebugconnects to yourself. With xdebug.client_host you can select the IP or hostnameof the machine that runs your IDE, and with xdebug.client_port the TCP port.Make sure that the host running PHP/Xdebug can connect to your IDE with theconfigured IP address and port, and that there is no firewall or other softwareblocking an incoming connection.

Activating Step Debugging #

In the default configuration, the debugger activates if a 'trigger' ispresent, although it's possible to instruct the debugger to always initiate adebugging session by setting xdebug.start_with_request to yes.

Which trigger to use depends on whether you're debugging a PHP applicationthrough a browser, or on the command line, such as when running unit tests.

Command Line

To signal the debugger to initiate connections, Xdebug will look whether theXDEBUG_SESSION environment variable is present.

The valueof the variable does not matter unless you have set up a trigger value withxdebug.trigger_value.

On Unix like platforms, you can set it like:

On Windows, you set the environment like:

When you now run a php script with php myscript.php orvendor/bin/phpunit Xdebug will initiate a debugging session andconnect to your IDE.

Please refer to the Troubleshooting section ifit does not seem like Xdebug is activating.

Browser Application #

The recommended way to initiate a debugging session is by configuring yourIDE to accept incoming debugging connections, and then use a browser extensionwhich sets the right trigger cookie.

Browser Extension Initiation

The extensions are:

  • Xdebug Helper for Firefox (source).
  • Xdebug Helper for Chrome (source).
  • XDebugToggle for Safari (source).

Each extension adds an icon to your browser where you can select whichfunctionality you want to trigger. Xdebug will continue to start debugging forevery request as long as the debug toggle has been enabled.

Manual Initiation

Alternatively, you can signal Xdebug to initiate debugging for asingle request by addingXDEBUG_SESSION=session_name as additional GET (orPOST) parameter.

For debugging multiple subsequent requests, Xdebug supportsdebugging sessions managed by a cookie.

Set the XDEBUG_SESSION_START=session_nameGET (orPOST) HTTP parameter. The value for session_name isnot important.

Xdebug will set the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie. As long as thecookie is present, debugging will be initiated for every HTTP request(including favicons and images if they go through PHP).

The time-out of the cookie is one hour.

If you set the XDEBUG_SESSION_STOPGET (orPOST) HTTP parameter, Xdebug removes the cookie.

Alternative Ways of Triggering the Debugger

There are other ways how debugger activation can be triggered.

By Calling xdebug_break()

Calling xdebug_break() will trigger a debugging connection as long asxdebug.start_with_request is set to trigger and no debugger sessionis active yet. If a debugger session is already active, it will simply act asif a breakpoint was set through your IDE.

Upon an Error Situation

If you set xdebug.start_upon_error to yes then Xdebug willtrigger a debugging connection when a PHP Notice or Warning appears, or when aThrowable(Error or Exception) is thrown.

Troubleshooting #

You can troubleshoot Xdebug's attempts at initiating debugging connectionsby configuring a log file through xdebug.log. When the connection issuccessfully established the log will also contain the communication betweenXdebug and IDE.

The log file will contain to which IP addresses it is attempting to connectand at which ports, which should be a great help debugging why it sometimesdoesn't work. A 'remote log file' is also required when reporting a bug inXdebug's step debugger.

There are several logging levels which can be configured throughxdebug.log_level.

The xdebug.log setting requires as argument a full path to a file, towhich the user that PHP/Xdebug runs as can write to. It is advisable to usesomething like /tmp/xdebug.log.

Be aware: On many Linux distributions that run services throughSystemd, the actual file path could be different, such as:

Debugging Clients #

This is an incomplete list of third-party clients, both free and commercial.Please refer to the original authors of these tools for documentation andsupport:

  • Eclipse plugin (IDE).
  • KDevelop (IDE: Linux (KDE); Open Source).
  • ActiveState's Komodo (IDE: Windows, Linux, Mac; Commercial).
  • NetBeans (IDE: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris).
  • Devsense's PHP Tools for Visual Studio (Plugin; Commercial).
  • JetBrains' PhpStorm (IDE; Commercial).
  • SublimeTextXdebug (Plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3, Open Source).
  • VIM plugin (Plugin; Open Source).
  • VS Code plugin (Plugin; Open Source).

The simple command line client dbgpClient for debugging isavailable on the download page.

Implementation Details #

This section documents some implementation details, that are mostly usefulfor authors of debugging clients that interact with Xdebug.

DBGp: context_names

Xdebug's implementation of theDBGp protocol's context_namescommand does not depend on the stack level. The returned value is always thesame during each debugger session, and hence, can be safely cached.

Custom DBGp commands

The DBGp protocol allows for debugger engine specific commands, prefixed withthe xcmd_ prefix. Xdebug includes a few of these, and they'redocumented here.

DBGp: xcmd_profiler_name_get

If Xdebug's profiler is currently active (See: Profiling), this commandreturns the name of the file that is being used to write the profilinginformation to.

DBGp: xcmd_get_executable_lines

This command returns which lines in an active stack frame can have a workingbreakpoint. These are the lines which have an EXT_STMTopcode on them. This commands accepts a -d option, whichindicates the stack depth, with 0 being the top leve stack frame.

The command returns the information in the following XML format:

Related Settings and Functions

  • stringxdebug.client_discovery_header = '
  • stringxdebug.client_host = localhost
  • integerxdebug.client_port = 9003
  • integerxdebug.connect_timeout_ms = 200
  • booleanxdebug.discover_client_host = false
  • stringxdebug.idekey = *complex*
  • stringxdebug.log =
  • integerxdebug.log_level = 7
  • stringxdebug.mode = develop
  • stringxdebug.start_upon_error = default
  • stringxdebug.start_with_request = default
  • stringxdebug.trigger_value = '
  • xdebug_break() : bool
  • xdebug_info() : void
  • xdebug_is_debugger_active() : bool


string xdebug.client_discovery_header = '#

If xdebug.client_discovery_header is configured to be a non-empty string, then thevalue is used as key in the $_SERVER superglobal array to determinewhich header to use to find the IP address or hostname to use for 'connectingback to'. This setting is only used in combination withxdebug.discover_client_host and is otherwise ignored.

For example, if xdebug.client_discovery_header is set to FORWARD_HOST,then Xdebug will check $_SERVER['FORWARD_HOST'] before the$_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] and$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] variables.

string xdebug.client_host = localhost#

Configures the IP address or hostname where Xdebug will attempt to connect to when initiating adebugging connection. This address should be the address of the machine where your IDE or debuggingclient is listening for incoming debugging connections.

On non-Windows platforms, it is also possible to configure a Unix domain socket which is supported byonly a select view debugging clients. In that case, instead of the hostname or IP address, useunix:///path/to/sock.

If xdebug.discover_client_host is enabled then Xdebug will only use the value of this setting incase Xdebug can not connect to an IDE using the information it obtained from HTTP headers. In thatcase, the value of this setting acts as a fallback only.

This setting can additionally be configured through theXDEBUG_CONFIGenvironment variable.

integer xdebug.client_port = 9003#

The port to which Xdebug tries to connect on the remote host. Port9003 is the default for both Xdebug and the Command Line Debug Client.As many clients use this port number, it is best to leave this settingunchanged.

This setting can additionally be configured through theXDEBUG_CONFIGenvironment variable.

integer xdebug.connect_timeout_ms = 200#

The amount of time in milliseconds that Xdebug will wait for on anIDE to acknowledge an incoming debugging connection. The default value of 200ms should in most cases be enough. In case you often get dropped debuggingrequests, perhaps because you have a high latency network, or a development boxfar away from your IDE, or have a slow firewall, then you can should increasethis value.

Please note that increasing this value might mean that your requests seem to'hang' in case Xdebug tries to establish a connection, but your IDE is notlistening.

boolean xdebug.discover_client_host = false#

If enabled, Xdebug will first try to connect to the client that made theHTTP request. It checks the $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] and$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] variables to find out which hostname or IPaddress to use.

If xdebug.client_discovery_header is configured, then the $_SERVERvariable with that configured name will be checked beforeHTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and REMOTE_ADDR.

If Xdebug can not connect to a debugging client as found in one of the HTTPheaders, it will fall back to the hostname or IP address as configured by thexdebug.client_host setting.

This setting does not apply for debugging through the CLI, as the$_SERVER header variables are not available there.

This setting can additionally be configured through theXDEBUG_CONFIGenvironment variable.

Warning: Please note that there is no filteravailable, and anybody who can connect to the webserver will then be able tostart a debugging session, even if their address does not matchxdebug.client_host.

string xdebug.idekey = *complex*#

Controls which IDE Key Xdebug should pass on to the debugging client orproxy. The IDE Key is only important for use with the DBGp Proxy Tool,although some IDEs are incorrectly picky as to what its value is.

The default is based on the DBGP_IDEKEY environment setting. Ifit is not present, the default falls back to an empty string.

If this setting is set to a non-empty string, it selects its value overDBGP_IDEKEY environment variable as default value.

The internal IDE Key also gets updated through debugging session managementand overrides the value of this setting as is explained in theStep Debugging documentation.

This setting can additionally be configured through theXDEBUG_CONFIGenvironment variable.

string xdebug.log = #

Configures Xdebug's log file.

Xdebug will log to this file all file creations issues, Step Debuggingconnection attempts, failures, and debug communication.

Enable this functionality by setting the value to a absolute path. Make surethat the system user that PHP runs at (such as www-data if you arerunning with Apache) can create and write to the file.

The file is opened in append-mode,and will therefore not be overwritten by default. There is no concurrencyprotection available.

The log file will include any attempt that Xdebugmakes to connect to an IDE:

It includes the opening time (2020-09-02 07:19:09.616195), theIP/Hostname and port Xdebug is trying to connect to(localhost:9003), and whether it succeeded (Connected toclient :-)). The number in brackets ([2693358]) is theProcess ID.

It includes:

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process ID in brackets
2020-09-02 07:19:09.616195
opening time

For Step Debugging:

For Profiling:

For Function Trace:

All warnings and errors are described on the Description of errors page, withdetailed instructions on how to resolve the problem, if possible. All errors are always logged throughPHP's internal logging mechanism (configured with error_login php.ini). All warnings and errors also show up in thediagnostics log that you can view by calling xdebug_info().

Step Debugger Communication

The debugging log can also log the communication between Xdebug and an IDE.This communication is in XML, and starts with the <init XMLelement:

The fileuri attribute lists the entry point of yourapplication, which can be useful to compare to breakpoint_setcommands to see if path mappings are set-up correctly.

Beyond the <init element, you will find the configuration offeatures:

And continuation commands:

You can read about DBGP - A common debugger protocol specification at its dedicated documation page.

The xdebug.log_level setting controls how much information islogged.

Note: Many Linux distributions now use systemd, whichimplements private tmp directories. This means that when PHPis run through a web server or as PHP-FPM, the /tmp directory isprefixed with something akin to:

This setting can additionally be configured through theXDEBUG_CONFIGenvironment variable.

integer xdebug.log_level = 7#

Configures which logging messages should be added to the log file.

The log file is configured with the xdebug.log setting.

The following levels are supported:

0CriticalsErrors in the configuration
1ErrorsConnection errors
3WarningsConnection warnings
5CommunicationProtocol messages
7InformationInformation while connecting
10DebugBreakpoint resolving information

Criticals, errors, and warnings always show up in thediagnostics log that you can view by calling xdebug_info().

Criticals and errors are additionally logged throughPHP's internal logging mechanism (configured with error_login php.ini).

This setting can additionally be configured through theXDEBUG_CONFIGenvironment variable.

string xdebug.mode = develop#

This setting controls which Xdebug features are enabled.

This setting can only be set in php.ini orfiles like 99-xdebug.ini that are read when a PHP process starts(directly, or through php-fpm), but not in .htaccess and.user.ini files, which are read per-request.

The following values are accepted:

Nothing is enabled. Xdebug does no work besides checking whetherfunctionality is enabled. Use this setting if you want close to 0overhead.
Enables Development Aids including the overloaded var_dump().
Enables Code Coverage Analysis to generate code coverage reports, mainly incombination withPHPUnit.
Enables Step Debugging. This can be used to step through your code while itis running, and analyse values of variables.
Enables Garbage Collection Statistics to collect statistics about PHP's GarbageCollection Mechanism.
Enables Profiling, with which you can analyse performance bottleneckswith tools like KCacheGrind.
Enables the Function Trace feature, which allows you record every functioncall, including arguments, variable assignment, and return value that is madeduring a request to a file.

You can enable multiple modes at the same time by comma separating theiridentifiers as value to xdebug.mode: xdebug.mode=develop,trace.

You can also set the mode by setting the XDEBUG_MODE environmentvariable on the command-line; this will take precedence over the xdebug.mode setting.

string xdebug.start_upon_error = default#

Step Debugging can be activated when a PHP Notice or Warning is emitted, orwhen a Throwable(Exception/Error) is thrown, depending on the value of this setting:


Initialise a debugging session when a PHP Notice or Warning is emitted, orwhen a Throwable is thrown.


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Do not start a debugging session upon an error situation.

This setting is independent of xdebug.start_with_request, and therefore it isnot necessary to set xdebug.start_with_request=trigger.

string xdebug.start_with_request = default#

A Function Trace, Garbage Collection Statistics, Profiling, or Step Debuggingcan be activated at the start of a PHP request. Whether this happens depends onthe value of this setting:


The functionality starts when the PHP request starts, and before any PHPcode is run.

For example xdebug.mode=trace andxdebug.start_with_request=yes starts a Function Trace for thewhole request.


The functionality does not get activated when the request starts.

You can still start a Function Trace with xdebug_start_trace(), Step Debugging with xdebug_break(), or Garbage Collection Statistics with xdebug_start_gcstats().


The functionality only gets activated when a specific trigger is presentwhen the request starts.

The name of the trigger is XDEBUG_TRIGGER, and Xdebug checksfor its presence in either $_ENV (environment variable),$_GET or $_POST variable, or $_COOKIE(HTTP cookie name).

There is also a legacy fallback to a functionality specific trigger name:XDEBUG_PROFILE (for Profiling), XDEBUG_TRACE(for a Function Trace), and XDEBUG_SESSION (forStep Debugging).

Debug session management for Step Debugging is alsoavailable through XDEBUG_SESSION_START.

With xdebug.trigger_value you can control which specific trigger value willactivate the trigger. If xdebug.trigger_value is set to an emptystring, any value will be accepted.


The default value depends on xdebug.mode:

  • debug: trigger
  • gcstats: no
  • profile: yes
  • trace: trigger

string xdebug.trigger_value = '#

This setting can be used when xdebug.start_with_request is set totrigger, which is the default for Step Debugging and Function Trace.

In trigger mode, Xdebug will only start itsfunctionality when the XDEBUG_TRIGGER is set in the environment,or when the XDEBUG_TRIGGER GET, POST, or COOKIE variable isset.

Normally, Xdebug does not look at which value is actually used. If thissetting is set to a non-empty string, then Xdebug will only trigger if thevalue matches the value of this setting.

With the following settings:

Xdebug's profiler will only start when either the environment variableXDEBUG_TRIGGER is set to StartProfileForMe, the GETor POST variable XDEBUG_TRIGGER is set toStartProfileForMe, or when the cookie XDEBUG_TRIGGERhas the value StartProfileForMe.

See also:

For how the triggering mechanism works, and which environment and server variables Xdebug acts on.


xdebug_break() : bool#

This function makes the debugger break on the line it is called from, as if a normal file/line breakpoint was set on this line through the debugger protocol.

If no debugging session is active yet, and xdebug.start_upon_request is set to trigger, then Xdebug will attempt to start a new debugging session first.

The function returns true if a debugging session is (now) active, and the breakpoint was succesfully set. It returns false if a debugging session was not active and could not be activated.

xdebug_info() : void#

This function returns an HTML page which shows diagnostic information. It is analogous to PHP's phpinfo() function.

The HTML output includes which mode is active, what the settings are, and diagnostic information in case there are problems with debugging connections, opening of files, etc.

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Each warning and error in the diagnostics log also links through to the Description of errors documentation page.

xdebug_is_debugger_active() : bool#

Returns true if a debugging session through DBGp is currently active with a client attached; false, if not.

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