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Java 8 Streams Cheat Sheet from carlmig. Mappi­ng(­Per­son­::g­etL­ast­Name, toSet) it receives a function to be applied to all elements and way of collecting downstream the elements.

In this blog post, I will share the JavaScript Cheat Sheet .PDF. This comprehensive PDF included from basics to advanced concepts, ES6, simple explanations, DOM API, Event loop, functions, array, object, Type and so much more. Everything explained in this 13 page JavaScript Cheatsheet.

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  • Download This Cheat Sheet (PDF) 5 Comments; Rating: Home Programming Java Cheat Sheets. Java Fundamentals Cheat Sheet by sschaub. Java Fundamentals. Java Data Types. Byte / short / int / long-123, 10. Download the Java Fundamentals Cheat Sheet.
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JavaScript Cheatsheet – Comprehensive PDF Included

This 13-page cheat sheet will take you from a beginner to advanced on the fundamentals of JavaScript with examples. Giving you proper terminologies, and syntax of common constructs.

  • Page 1: Basic Vocabulary, Seven Types, Objects.
  • Page 2: Functions – parameters, invocation, parameters, return, and more.
  • Page 3: Vocabulary around variables and scope.
  • Page 4: Operators and coercion.
  • Page 5: Conditional Statement (if/switch/ternary) + Truthy Falsy.
  • Page 6: Loops – For, While, Do While.
  • Page 7: Ways to create a variable – var, let, const + Event Loop.
  • Page 8: Browser.
  • Page 9: DOM – Query, Create, Update, Delete, Events of DOM.
  • Page 10: Auto-inherited properties + built-in objects.
  • Page 11: Promise and Async Tasks.
  • Page 12: ‘this’ keyword and 3 scenarios to remember.
  • Page 13: Constructors – Custom and built-in constructors.

Download JavaScript Cheat Sheet PDF


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We summarize the most commonly used Java language features and APIs in the textbook.

Hello, World.

Editing, compiling, and executing.

Built-in data types.

Declaration and assignment statements.


Floating-point numbers.


Comparison operators.


Parsing command-line arguments.

Math library.

The full java.lang.Math API.

Java library calls.

Type conversion.

Java Cheat Sheet Pdf Free Download Pc

Anatomy of an if statement.

If and if-else statements.

Nested if-else statement.

Anatomy of a while loop.

Anatomy of a for loop.


Break statement.

Do-while loop.

Switch statement.


Inline array initialization.

Typical array-processing code.

Two-dimensional arrays.

Inline initialization.

Our standard output library.

The full StdOut API.

Our standard input library.

The full StdIn API.

Our standard drawing library.

The full StdDraw API.

Our standard audio library.

The full StdAudio API.

Command line.

Redirection and piping.


Libraries of functions.

Our standard random library.

Our standard statistics library.

Using an object.

Instance variables.

Java Cheat Sheet Pdf Free Downloads


Instance methods.


Object-oriented libraries.

Java's String data type.

The full java.lang.String API.

Java's Color data type.

The full java.awt.Color API.

Our input library.

The full In API.

Java Cheat Sheet Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

Our output library.

The full Out API.

Our picture library.

The full Picture API.Free

Our stack data type.

The full Stack API.

Our queue data type.

The full Queue API.


Our symbol table data type.

The full ST API.

Our set data type.

The full SET API.

Our graph data type.

Java Cheat Sheet Pdf Free Download Free

The full Graph API.

Compile-time and run-time errors.

Here's a list of errors compiled byMordechai Ben-Ari.It includes a list of common error message and typical mistakes thatgive rise to them.

Java Cheat Sheet Pdf Free Download Windows 7

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