Helm Vst Free Download

  • 55 presets for the free software, helm.

  • 34 mb download.

  • royalty-free license.

  • crafted for all genres: 5 ambient fx. 5 arps. 5 basses. 5 fx. 5 keys. 5 leads. 10 orchestrals. 5 pads. 5 subs. 5 wobbles.

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preset installation guide

> locate the .helmbank file from the unzipped file.

Download it here for free. This VST isn’t that strange yet. Helm is a synth VST. But you can run it anywhere, change the source code and generally modify the crap out of it. So the strangeness is in your hands. How freaky can you make it? Throw a loop in to smash, chop, squish, mangle and roll it until it’s unrecognizable. Developer Matt Tytel has introduced Helm – a free, cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer that runs on GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows as a standalone program and as a VST/AU plugin. Features: 32 voice polyphony Interactive visual interface.

> open an instance of the free plugin, helm.

> click, 'import bank', and select the .helmbank file.


Helm Plugin


it's free. but feel free to donate.



Helm Download For Windows

no recycled presets. 100% original design.

Matt Tytel Helm Free Download

presets engineered by lifeoftheo.

Helm Vst Free Download


check out the license here. again, any questions, reach out.

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