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  1. Gta San Andreas Mod Installer V2 0 Free Download
  2. Gta San Andreas Mod Installer V2.0 Free Download
Gta San Andreas Mod Installer V2 0Installer

Parkour mod v2.0.4 for GTA San Andreas. In this fashion contains 65 tricks!
Management mod parkour:
- When landing with a small height you drop;
- X - roll is performed from any position;
- Z - roll back is performed from any position.
1 - backflip
2 - frontflip
3 - sideflip
4 - gainer
5 - folha
6 - cork
7 - webster
8 - fulltwist
9 - round off flashkick
0 - backhandspring
t - backhandspring + backflip
y - palmflip
u - wallflip
i - cork + folha
o - popup layout
p - jump and dive ;)
g - frontflip + aerial + fulltwist
h - handstand
j - backhandspring + backhandspring + backhandspring + fulltwist + backflip + fulltwist + fulltwist + backflip
k - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backhandspring + flashkick
l - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backflip + backflip + backflip
b - wall sideflip
n - wall frontflip
m - backspring
, - aerial
All acrobatic tricks you can do with height and the animation will not be interrupted!
Free download mod Parkour mod v2.0.4 for GTA San Andreas with automatic installation using the links below.

  • CLEO for GTA San Andreas - ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) with auto-installer free download.
  • GTA IV Enhanced Snow Mod v2.0 Full Version 4.34gb Patch Patch 54.29mb GTAIV Vanilla Fixes - Ultimate Bugfix Megamod for Complete Edition Full Version 2.73gb.

Gta San Andreas Mod Installer V2 0 Free Download

GTA 4 Sblocco modding Unlock modding #16: SparkIV IV + EFLC v0.6.8. + 0.6.9 #17: Lista patch GTA 4 #18: San Andreas IMG Tool 2.0 #19: Emulatore - Emulator Controller X360 #20: XLiveLess 0.999 B7 #21: Main.scm e Script.img originali #22: TrafficLoad vFinale (.asi) #23: OpenIV v1.4 #24: Salvataggio San Andreas 100% v2.00 #25: Dragon Ball Mod.

Gta San Andreas Mod Installer V2.0 Free Download

This CLEO mod allows you to control special signals on any vehicle.
To run the script sitting in your car, press and hold:
Enable/disable script: F12
Menu (when the script): F11
Menu choice: H button (beep)
Turn off the lights: F10
Menu: press the button beep (H-default) to select the item.
To run the cilivian lights:
Indicator Left:-(minus-next to the Backspace)
Indicator Right: = (is-next to the Backspace)
Giveway-and Flash: = (minus and equal press)
Switch in Auto-Off Mode:
Press F11 when switched off signals-should hear a beep and see the message (the message does not appear in SA: MP).
To run on a second machine:
-Turn off the Auto-Off Mode (press F11 while the MOD does not work)
and activate both the first auto-hold the F11 and F12.
To run a motorcycle:
-to switch on/off-press and hold the F12
Different signals sirens:
-Sit in a car or motorcycle
-Press (BJ-Russian) to switch between the 3-tone siren.
The aircraft warning system:
When you hear the beep, press Y to turn off the sound signal (or repair/exit)