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Another update for GTA 5 has just appeared out of the blue, courtesy of the PC team at Rockstar.
Following yesterday’s patch release, which broke some mod functionality, improved stability, and sorted out a few vehicle issues, there’s another update today for the PC version of GTA 5. Rockstar has slipped out a new 1.0.350.2 patch on the Rockstar Social Club, weighing in at 353.44MB.
As usual with these, what the patch contains is unknown at this point as it’s just gone live and has yet to be released on Steam. Rockstar will probably have the notes up in a couple of hours or so, if past patches are any indication.

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The Steam patch will more than likely be a bit smaller in size than the Social Club version so keep an eye on your Steam client for the new update.
Based on the comments we’ve read so far from those who have managed to download it and give it a quick test, it appears people are still hitting a few scattered issues with frame-rates and performance. We’ll have to wait and see what the patch notes say before speculating further about changes, really.

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As soon as we have the notes we’ll add them to this story. The other place to keep an eye on is the Rockstar patch page, which will list the latest changes once they actually get around to posting them. Why they just don’t post them when patches are released is a enduring mystery.
Edit: The patch notes are here! I think Rockstar may just be trolling people at this point. Here are the notes, in full: “Fixes to improve game stability and other minor fixes.”
I mean, considering the most recent prior patch was yesterday, I suppose it’s not surprising that the change list is pretty small. But still, that’s awfully vague.

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