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Mobile Patrol is a public safety app that everyone should have to stay up to date with the latest safety news. This app collaborates with public safety organizations and law enforcement firms to bring you the newest information for your security. For that reason, this app has more than 6 million downloads and installations on App Store.

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Geeni App For Mac Free

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In this article, you will discover a step-by-step guide to install Mobile Patrol on your PC device.


About Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol gives you the safety information about the places you add to the app. It will update you with the important news you should know, for instance, traffic problems, lost pets, and fallen trees. You can set up this app to notify you whenever something new happens.

This app also includes information about searching or arresting for serial killers, drug dealers, kidnappers, rapists, etc. It will show you the major information of the criminals, including their name, sex, age as well as their pictures. You can also use Mobile Patrol to report suspicious activities or any security problems around you no matter where you are.

This app is an must-have tool for anyone who cares about their security and wants to update the newest necessary information. The best part is that the essential tools are free to use. If you wish to access the full suite of tools, you should pay small amounts of money.

Geeni App For Mac

Install Mobile Patrol on PC

If you spend most of your time working with your PC, it is a great idea to install Mobile Patrol on PC to keep up with the latest news. Although this app is officially released for Android only, you can run it on your PC with the following guide.

To use Mobile Patrol on your PC, you need to install an Android emulator. We recommend Bluestacks since it supports both Windows and Mac. It is also free, easy to use, and compatible with many Android applications. You can download Bluestacks here. After downloading, follow the installation wizard to finish setting up Bluestacks.

Now open your Bluestacks and move to the important steps. On the main screen, click on the App Store icon. Search for Mobile Patrol and click Install. It will take you a few minutes to finish the installation. Then Mobile Patrol is ready to go.


Geeni App For Macbook

I hope that this guide can help you install Mobile Patrol on your PC. Enjoy the amazing features of this app. And don’t forget to be back for more helpful guides.

Geeni Camera App For Mac

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