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  • This tool enables program logic test using the software PLC function for simulation built in Expert (D300win), without using the actual unit. It performs operating simulation of a program written with a programming language conforming to IEC 61131-3.
  • The CPU module key switch in Fuji Integrated Controller MICREX-SX series is changed.(PDF) September 24, 2010 A menu button to be linked to 'Technical information' on a Fuji's external site has been added. September 13, 2010 The SPH catalog (LEH982f) for the Fuji Programmable Controller MICREX-SX series has been updated.
  • Fuji Electric’s MONITOUCH Human Machine Interface (HMI) V9 series range in size from 5.7” to 15″. All models in the V9 Series are UL Certified, and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots, allowing for better connectivity to peripheral devices.

Fuji photo recovery software efficiently takes over the problem of loss or deletion of photos from memory card of Fuji digital camera. Along with that corrupted or inaccessible pictures are also located in exhaustive drive scanning, making its restore easily possible.

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Fuji photo recovery software efficiently takes over the problem of loss or deletion of photos from memory card of Fuji digital camera. Along with that corrupted or inaccessible pictures are also located in exhaustive drive scanning, making its restore easily possible. It is provided with an user...
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Precautions for adding a new driver onto Windows Vista/7
TitleFuji Electric Co.,Ltd. MICREX-SX Series Ethernet Driver
VersionVer. 1.14.07
Applicable SoftwareGP-Pro EX Ver2.10.000 or later
Pro-Server EX Ver.1.30.000 or later
You can check your version by”Help”function→”Version Info”.
Related Devices
  • MICREX-SX Series
Related UnitsRequired versions depend on models.
Please check 'Supported Models / Version' for the required versions of GP-Pro EX.
Required driver versions for different models are listed below
ModelRequired driver version
GP3000 SeriesVer. 1.10.00 or later
LT3000 SeriesVer. 1.12.05 or later
GP4100 SeriesGP4104Ver. 1.11.04 or later
GP4114Ver. 1.14.06 or later
GP4000M SeriesVer. 1.11.04 or later
GP4000 SeriesVer. 1.11.05 or later
LT4000M SeriesVer. 1.12.05 or later
SP5000 SeriesVer. 1.13.06 or later
SP5000X SeriesVer. 1.14.06 or later
IPC Series for WinGPVer. 1.10.00 or later
General PCs for WinGPVer. 1.10.00 or later
Device/PLC Connection ManualFor general information regarding Device connection and documentation conventions please refer to 'Device/PLC Connection Manual(link is external)'
Updated Contents

[Ver. 1.14.07] (Aug, 31, 2020)

The following issues were corrected:
  • When running an error check on a project, sometimes the outer limits of address ranges could not be detected properly.

How to install (This is a self-extracting file.)

Fuji Plc Software Download
Please confirm that the supported software is installed in your computer. Prior to installing the driver, close all your personal computer applications, including any resident programs such as virus detection program, etc.
  1. Click on the above file name to download the data to desired folder.
  2. After the download to your PC is finished, double-click on the file’s icon to start the installer program.
  3. After the installer starts, follow the instructions given on each screen.
  4. After installation, execute GP-Pro EX.
  5. Click on the Device/PLC area’s [Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.] selection and select [MICREX-SX Series Ethernet].
When using the driver, be sure to refer to the Device Connection Manual PDF.
Also, for general information regarding Device connection and documentation conventions please refer to 'Device/PLC Connection Manual'.

In case of using a project, created with a version below than V1.10.03

It is necessary to reallocate a variable to a real address when using variable data.
Instructions on how to reallocate to real address.
  1. Open the project file with driver V1.10.03 or later, installed in GP-Pro EX.
  2. Open the “Variable List” dialog from the Individual Device Settings.
  3. Delete all of the worksheet(s) (This will delete all Variable Data)
  4. Delete all Structure / Array (If there are Embedded Structures / 2D Arrays then the higher level must be deleted first.)
  5. Import / Re-enter Structures / Arrays
  6. Import / Re-enter Variables
  7. Click OK to close dialog
  8. Click OK to save new Variable Data
* Please don’t close the “Variable List” dialog while doing the procedures above. If the “Variable List” dialog is closed, the allocated variables to the parts in the screen will become “-Undefined-“.

Terms of use / Cautions

Please acknowledge the following terms of use before you use our download service.
Download of any file signifies your agreement to the terms of use.
Terms and conditions

Download file

Installer :
1.02 MB (1,069,304Byte)
Device/PLC Connection Manual :
818.51 KB (838,152Byte)

Update history:

[Ver. 1.14.07] (Aug. 31, 2020)

The following issues were corrected:
  • When running an error check on a project, sometimes the outer limits of address ranges could not be detected properly.

[Ver. 1.13.06]

The following issues were corrected:
  • Variable data cannot be imported normally when D300win V3.6.1.3 or later is used.

[Ver. 1.10.03] (Dec. 24, 2010)

The following issues were corrected:

Fuji Plc Software Download Windows

  • In rare cases, a variable that have been allocated to a real address, is unmatched with the Fuji Electric Co. Ltd. Micrex-SX Series D300Win software.
  • In rare cases, the displayed address in the left side of the [Address] window is unfinished.
  • In rare cases, putting a comment or space in the IEC file will result in an error when importing.

[Ver. 1.10.02] (Nov. 12, 2009)

The following issues were corrected:
  • GP-Pro EX may be forcibly terminated when the address input dialog is opened.
  • GP-Pro EX may stop responding when import is performed and variables are overwritten.

[Ver. 1.10.01](May. 8, 2008)

The following issues were corrected:

Fuji Spf Plc Programming software, free download

  • When create structure in variable data, there is the case that display cannot communicate with PLC.