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Freestyle Street Soccer is a sportsvideo game released in 2004 by Silicon Dreams. It is also known as Urban Freestyle Soccer in Europe.This association football video game article is a stub.

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Windows XP/7/98
Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz Processor
512 MB RAM (512MB for 2000/XP)
3GB Hard Disk Space
32MB Direct3D compatible Video Card

Free Download Game Urban Freestyle Soccer PcURBAN FREESTYLE SOCCER GAMEPLAY
  1. Rules in Urban Freestyle Soccer will be few and far between, and there won’t be any offside rulings or fouls to get in the way of the game’s arcade-style pacing. The game will feature a dynamic two-layered combo system, as well as supercharged net buster power-up attacks, for earning high scores.
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Urban Freestyle Soccer is a sports video game Published in 2013 by Muhammad Niaz. It is also known as Urban Freestyle Soccer in Europe. First of all, just because Urban Freestyle Soccer has ‘soccer’ in the title, don’t think this bears any relation to Pro Evo or FIFA. Okay, so it’s still about kicking a footy into a goal, but Vanessa Feltz and Rachel Steven.

Free Download Game Urban Freestyle Soccer Pc
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Minimum System Requirements for urban freestyle

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  1. CPU: 500MHz Intel Pentium III processor
  2. RAM: 128MB RAM
  3. VGA: 32MB Direct3D capable video card
  4. OS: Windows XP,ME,2000,98 (Windows95,NT is not supported)
  5. HDD: 160MB free hard disk space
  6. Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
  7. ODD: 16x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
  8. Recommended peripheral: Keyboard, mouse