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  1. Event Management System Project In Java Source Code Free Download 2020
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  • This is a simple event management system. It is use to manage events like wedding, burial, child dedication, and other types of events. Module Available: Add Customer Schedule events Add events payment User event1.png Admin Username:chiji Admin password:11111 This application can be modified to suite your project.
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Managing events has never been so easy since we have Event management system major project. It is a computer based application that becomes handy during managing and tracking the overall execution of an event. The events may range from seminars and workshops to sports and games. Moreover, it also helps event organizers, attendees, reviewers, and authors by providing them information in their particular areas. It can further assist in events at educational facilities in participant’s registration, solving feedback issues, and performance evaluation.

An event manager can improve the productivity of event by using this system. Event management system final year project will play a key role in minimizing human work and errors. Moreover, it will be instrumental in data processing and improving security of events. Other advantages of Event management system are as follows.

Event Management System Project In Java Source Code Free Download 2020

  • Easy record-keeping of events
  • Track performance of events
  • Manage and store information
  • Data consistency
  • Easy information refreshing
  • Backup information
  • The Event management system project will work and update the event’s records, participant’s records, all expenditures during an event, staff and employee’s record. It will also keep the track record of particular event and other events that have been carried out.

    Event management system project also keeps track of the number of participants in the event and their registration accordingly. It is a remarkable application that can efficiently manage an event, store and process necessary information related to event, and uses this information for future events. It can be further modified to execute for large or small events. Event management system is largely being used by event mangers worldwide.

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This project performs the task of developing a web application that enables the students and faculty to recover the information effectively. The main reason for event management system is to give a platform to the clients to view the data about the events that occurred past and about the event took place in the near future. The clients can be faulty, students and administrator. They can the first login into the site and transparent the data, for example, insights about the occasions like the setting, topic of the occasion, members, boss visitors, and so forth. The staff can keep the record of the attendance also.The administrator can log in and update the data, delete any unwanted information, arrange the data as needs be with the goal that the client can experience an easy to use and know all the whereabouts of their college.

Event Management System Project In Java Source Code Free Download Pdf


The scope of the project is simply constrained to a laptop or a pc with an internet connection. Firstly the client, whoever it might be (student or faculty) need to register on the website. After the registration process is finished each one of them gets a password and have their own client ids. With these two they can get to their account and for any query, they can contact the administrator by sending him a mail.

  • Facility to schedule a meeting.
  • Facility to see participants engagement’s dairy
  • Facility to invite participants over mail
  • Facility to cancel the Events
  • Participants option for denying the invitation
  • User registration
  • Administrator privilage to edit user’s profile


In an existing system, there is a lot of paperwork and manual processing. While writing a paper record the administration needs to keep the records carefully as the entire information is composed of those books. Everything is paper-based consequently it is very time-consuming. In excess of one person can’t get to the information at the same time.