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  1. The EMV software is a supplement to the μCard software used for testing the EMV contact and contactless smart cards. It comprises up of an application named ‘EMV.EXE’ and a testing script. The ‘EMV.EXE’ application enables the generation of parameter files used as references during the tests.
  2. EMV is a fraud-reducing technology that was announced in 2011 and hit retail in 2015, that helps protect consumers, merchants and card issuers against potential losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale system.

The UniTerm software runs on the client computer — the workstation or cash register to which the EMV card terminal device is connected. To perform EMV transactions with Monetra, the application software simply sends a transaction request to the UniTerm component A.

-Support ARQC dynamic bins / SDA static :

-Cryptogram /bank keys

-Rsa keys

-Global platform communicate with pos to make approval / support all countries

-Support J2a J3a 40 80k new generation cards / J.2.x.x all versions jcop21, jcop21 36k, jcop31 and all new g.c
-The software support 3 Algorithms (algos)

-The software support more than 2000+ scripts

-Attention: on pos, when you insert card and it asks for pin you put (randon pin) : 0000 - 1111- 2222- 2323- any -You can withdraw from atm with original pin only (skimmed)

-Works with original bank card , only of your chip card model is same as jcop chip model being used (already mentioned above)

-The software comes in liscences installed on 1 PC.

-The software comes with 2 keys protection, software and hardware protected.

-The software can not be copied, re-sold or moved.

-the software works with 201 206 221 216 212 226 220 CUP

The software gets algos and scripts updates each month for free after purchase.

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EMV (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa)

EMV Transactions with Monetra

EMV cards — or 'chip' cards — contain tiny computer chips that greatly enhance security against card-copying (aka cloning) by thieves. When inserted into a compatible card-reader device, the computer inside an EMV card creates a cryptographic signature that's unique to each card and each transaction, whereas the familiar magnetic-stripe cards are very easy to copy, because they send exactly the same data every time they are used.

Oct 01, 2015 Liability Shift: Traditionally, the card issuers incurred the costs for fraudulent transactions, such as when thieves use copies of cards for purchasing merchandise and services, and EMV cards effectively eliminate card-copying (cloning) fraud. To encourage merchants to install EMV-capable terminals, issuers have shifted the liability for card copying fraud to merchants who do not use EMV-capable terminals when performing transactions with EMV-enabled credit cards.

Emv Card Reader

Monetra EMV Transaction Process

Adding EMV capability to your application software is easy with Monetra. We've created a new component, called UniTerm®, that provides a simple application interface and manages the entire transaction process.

The UniTerm software runs on the client computer — the workstation or cash register to which the EMV card terminal device is connected. To perform EMV transactions with Monetra, the application software simply sends a transaction request to the UniTerm component [A]. UniTerm then interacts with the terminal [B] and the Monetra server software [C], as required to perform the requested transaction, and returns the results [D] to the application software [E].

Emv Card Reader Software

Supported EMV Devices

When performing EMV transactions, you must use an EMV card-reader or terminal device that has been certified with UniTerm for the transaction processor you wish to use. Refer to the UniTerm supported devices list to determine the appropriate device for your application.

Terminal Configuration Information

Emv Card Software

UniTerm is designed for specific terminals and specific configurations of those terminals. Be sure the devices you obtain are configured exactly as specified in the UniTerm Supported Devices list.

Best Emv Software

Recommended EMV Implementation Process

To get started performing EMV transactions from your applications, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the UniTerm software and its application interface. You'll also need to obtain a compatible EMV terminal device, ideally the same type you will be using for your production environment, but any of the supported devices will be OK during development, because UniTerm handles the device interface, so the actual device you are using is invisible to your application software.

Emv Card Reader Software

You can download the UniTerm API documentation and evaluation software here.

Certified Processors
Monetra Technologies has completed several EMV certifications and is in the final phase with multiple US-based processors:

Emv Smart Card Software

Chase Paymentech (Canada) CERTIFIED
Moneris (Canada) CERTIFIED
Chase Paymentech (USA) CERTIFIED
Global Payments (USA) CERTIFIED
First Data Cardnet (USA) CERTIFIED
First Data Nashville (USA) CERTIFIED