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The beat em up sidescroller that put Ancient Greece on the map

Kumpulan Game PS2 for PC ini admin buat karena banyak sekali yang mengeluh tentang jumlah game yang dibagikan di website sangat sedikit. Jadi sekarang akan dibuatkan langsung kumpulan dari beberapa game yang mungkin paling banyak diminati oleh para gamers yang pengen bernostalgia dengan Playstation 2.

Many side scroller beat'em up games have been developed for the DOS platform (and for home consoles and cabinets, etc.) but few of them have ever consider to set the action in Ancient Greece. This is where Altered Beat comes in. Altered beast has quite a strange though enticing back story. The protagonist is a centurion which is sent back to life but none other than Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena. Yep, you will learn a bit about the legends of Olympus while mashing away at the keyboard. At any rate, to make up for disturbing the centurion's rest, Zeus also bestows upon the centurion the ability to transform into a werewolf, but that will require some power-up collection on the way. The game plays very well today just as well, so if you've ever went left to right in a platformer before, you will know what to do. The tricky parts are in finding the right spots when the power of the werewolf is to be used and also finding the patters that will aid you in killing the stage bosses. The game is highly enjoyable today and the sharp 16 bit graphics help with immersion. Plus, you rarely get to experience a platformer/beat em up set in a Greece inspired background, so do try this one out.

You were once a Roman Centurion, strong and brave. But you died long ago on the battlefield. The mighty Zeus, God of Thunder, has brought you back from the dead to save his daughter Athena from Neff, Lord of the Underworld. Collect two spirit balls by defeating the white three-headed wolves, and transform yourself into the different powerful forms of the Altered Beast. In human form you'll have the ability to punch and kick your enemies on the ground or in the air by leaping at them. Fearful of your superhuman powers Neff has sent a sinister horde of his own demons, monsters and other as-sorted creatures of the underworld to stop you.

If you succeed in surviving a round with these nasty brutes and change into one of the altered beasts, you'll grow too powerful for ordinary demons to defeat. Neff himself appears and sends one of his most fearful monstrosities to attack you. Defeating Neff and his different evil sidekicks uses all your energy and you alter back to human form, but move closer to your goal. You must survive four different chilling encounters with Neff's evil creatures and Neff himself in order to rescue Athena.

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ProTip: When the title screen appears hold down the directional button diagonally, UP and LEFT, and press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously. This gives you extra health on your life gauge.

Through the Graveyard

Green grass, tombstones, and crypts -- a peaceful cemetery scene? Far from it. Here the dead won't stay dead. To escape this nightmare, you'll have to kick or punch a few headless and horned zombies and assorted flying demons intent on swooping down to claw you into submission. Capture the first spirit ball and you receive greater strength and size. Your blows smash the demons with greater ease. The second spirit ball changes you into a ferocious, howling Werewolf. In this form you shoot fire balls, or become a flaming arrow, sizzling evil beasties and burning them up. Aggar himself confronts you at the end of the level. He is a grotesque being who cuts off his head, hurtles it at you, then grows a new one to throw!

To defeat Aggar stay close and shoot fire balls. Run away when heads are thrown

The Cavern

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In this bone chilling scenario, you battle through a dark, dank cavern. You take on creeping, crawling creatures, called Chicken Stingers that whip their tails at you. Round Leeches try to cling to you, bite you and drain away your power. Watch for Rattle Tails, the giant snakes that pop up from the ground and slither down from the trees. As quickly as possible, alter yourself to the form of the Weredragon. Then you can fly, flash lightning and electrocute anything that touches your body with your protective shield. Becoming the Weredragon is your only chance zapping Octeyes, a pithy plant creature who tosses poisonous spores at you.

Stay about one body away from Octeyes and shoot directly at his eye. Use your energy field to protect you when thrown spores get too close.

The Fortress Bates

Breach the gates of Neff's underworld fortress and face a new horde of horrible demons. Cave Needles (giant mutated ground wasps) run along the ground and try to sting you. Hammer Demons attack from above, trying to smash you with their huge hammers. Zombies and demons appear from all directions as you get closer to Athena. Alter into a Weretiger and you'll have golden fire to blast your foes. Defeat them and you face Crocodile Wyrm, a terrible reptilian creature who flies and spits fire.

When fighting Crocodile Wyrm shoot him from underneath as he goes to the top of the screen. When the slimy lizard is low, jump over single fire balls and duck and shoot alter four are thrown.

Neff's Stronghold

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Your hair stands on end as you enter the stronghold of Neff, Lord of the Underwood, where skeletons and corpses stick up from the ground. Neff's lair is populated by the most evil brutes of all. You'll battle jump-kicking Dark Unicorns and swift Gory Goats. Jump over Saw Fish who'll slice you with their spines that are sharp as saw blades. Watch out for the clever Bad Boar who is smart, defensive, and difficult to destroy. In the end you face Neff himself, the final and toughest of your foes. He takes on demon form and it's a battle to the death. To defeat Neff you must take the form of the Golden Werewolf, the most powerful of the altered beasts. Triumph in this ultimate challenge and victory is yours!

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To defeat Neff only shoot one fire ball at a time. Then jump up and over him when he charges.

Altered Beast is another great arcade translation for Sega owners! The excellent graphics and sounds, along with the exciting play make this game one of the hottest new titles for the Sega system. So go ahead, let Altered Beast bring out the savage beast in you!

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Overall rating: 8.5