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Updated with a new anti-cheat bypass, this injector is powerful and works for various games like Roblox and GTA 5. With new updates every day, the injector is currently undetected. Use the injector to download hacks and adapt the video game to your liking, whether you are looking for Robux cheats or just hacks to get through dome tough challenges. Injector is a command line tool abstracting the messy injection process away from you. It can't be more simple: Injector.exe -process-name notepad.exe -inject C:TempmyHooks.dll C:TempmyOverlay.dll. You may use it in you post-build events in Visual Studio to save time and take away complexity of code by 'outsourcing' the injection process. First download the JJSploit.dll, and open the file in the dll injector. Once you located the Roblox process, select it and press the inject button. Congratulations, you.

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Have custom DLL library files injected in the ROBLOX video game while it's running, through a simple operation thanks to this application

Executable files merely hold the necessary code to call up functions and make use of existing code libraries usually kept inside DLL files. This is done during program runtime, and it’s also possible to force a particular program to read a DLL file of interest. As such, Roblox Injector comes as a means of injecting custom DLL files in ROBLOX.

Can trigger false-positives with some Antivirus programs


There are a few things which need to be mentioned first, but before anything else you might want to know that the program can trigger false-positive on several Antivirus applications, mostly because it’s a means of manipulating a program during runtime. However, it turned out just fine during our tests.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you’re saved the entire time and effort required to go through a setup process. This means you can easily carry it on a thumb drive to be used on other computers as well. Finally, ROBLOX needs to be running on your computer for the operation to be successful since it’s entirely dedicated to this game.

Run the game before injecting the file

As far as the visual design is concerned, the application keeps things simple, yet highly intuitive. There’s a large table which shows running programs, as well as their PID and process path. A browse dialog helps you load the DLL file you wish to inject into ROBLOX.

As mentioned before, you first need to run the game and switch the task view to Roblox Injector. Only then can you safely choose the file to inject and apply it. A confirmation message appears since the process is instantly completed. The application doesn’t need to run the whole time, and you can close it after injecting the target DLL.

Dll Injector Free Roblox Exploit

On an ending note

To sum up, Roblox Injector might be rather far from an everyday tool, but its purpose and its functionality are what matters. In case you’re a ROBLOX enthusiasts or more, this application can help you easily inject custom libraries while the game is running. Just be sure to avoid cheating.

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