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How to Install CoC Magic S4 for Android. The installation of the magic servers on android is quite easy because most android users use it. Open the menu and then open the setting. Then Go to the security Unknown Resources (check to mark the option). Now download the Clash of Magic S4 APK file. Install it and allow it if it asks for any.

Clash of Magic S3 is the third private server in the Clash of Magic private server franchise. Though this is not one of the most popular and downloaded, there are some new features which the Clash of Clans players need at times and want to download it. Today, we come up with the Clash of Magic S3 APK Free Download for the visitors on our site. Also, we will be having a look at some of the top features of this private server and see what it has in stock for us. Having said that, let us begin our Clash of Magic S3 APK review.

Clash of Magic S3 Features & Review:

You will see many gamers with the older Androids getting this version of the private server. Well, the reason is quite clear in front of us and that is the better compatibility of the server even with the older versions of the Android where the other versions were causing issues. If you are someone who is stuck with some older Android, get this one for your Clash of Clans.

The second features due to which this server is getting some notoriety are the compatibility of the Clash of Clans mods with this one. There are many mods which were causing issues with the other version but surprisingly enough, they didn’t do the same with Clash of Magic S3. Now add this one to the list and you will know the reason for success.


We really appreciate the efforts of the manufacturers because, for the first time, they have given an open-hand to the users of these private servers. By giving the open-hand we mean, the access to the users even to the DNS settings of the server. Now when you own your own private server from the Clash of Magic, you can also customize it according to your requirements and due to this features, it has become really popular.

Again, this is the lightest server in the Clash of Magic private server series. However, that may be at a cost that you can do the DNS customization very well as you could in the other versions. Due to this reason, we have seen lately that many users were downloading this for its lighter features for the Android.

The final thing due to which you would love getting S3 is that all the bugs have been taken care of. There were many bugs and errors which were causing Clash of Magic S2 to crash during the gameplay. Now, with this server, that problem is certainly now more and you can now enjoy a bug-free Clash of Clans online experience.

How to Download and Install Clash of Magic S3?

Following steps are going to teach you that process:

  • Download the free Clash of Magic S3 APK from our website.
  • Enable the unknown source option in the security settings.
  • Make sure that you have Clash of Clans on your phone.
  • Now simply install this server on your phone.

Download Clash of Magic S3 APK Free:

Clash of Magic is a private server of the famous Clash of Clans game, and the main motive to build this server was to cut off all the limitations and restrictions a gamer faces while playing the Clash of Clans game. Yes, you hear it right, no restrictions will annoy you between the game and you’ll be free from the shortage of gems, gold and elixir once and for all. Clash of Magic S4 is a type of Clash of Magic private server and it is capable to offer you an unlimited amount of Gold, Gems and elixir for free of cost, you don’t have to pay a single penny from your pocket to get these perks.

Clash of Magic s4 is the most amazing private server of your favorite game. People really cherish the game because of this magical server as it provides you unlimited resources and many other features. With the same gaming experience as the original Clash of Clans game, Clash of Magic S4 server will make it more enjoyable for you. For the people who find it a struggle and hectic to gather gems and hate to wait while their townhalls are upgrading, then this private server is perfect for you.


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Features of Clash of Magic S4

Clash of Magic S4 is a completely modified private server of Clash of Clans game and has a number of different features that will make you fall in love with the game more. Some of the features of Clash of Magic S4 are as follows:

  • The private server is compatible with all types of Mobile Phones which have an Android processor.
  • The server provides you unlimited gems since the start of the game that can be used to build your village.
  • The server is fast and safe, you won’t face any disturbance or lagging issue while you’re playing.
  • Provides you infinite gold, elixir and dark elixir.
  • The buildings can be customized, and troops can be designed as per your desire.
  • Everything in the game can be modified without any sort of restrictions.
  • The waiting time to upgrade the townhall is reduced to zero.

These are just some of the features and perks of the Clash of Magic S4 private server. The server’s popularity is increasing day by day and no matter at what time of the day you wish to battler with someone, on this server you’ll find players to compete with 24/7. You can also check clash of paradise

Download Clash of Magic S4 APK

If you’re Clash of Clans lover, and tired of all the restrictions and limitations you’ve to face while playing the original game, then there is no chance that you’re unaware about Clash of Magic S4 server. As you’ve seen above that there are many features of downloading this amazing private server. What are you waiting for? All you need is an Android mobile phone and a good internet connection to download it. You can easily download the APK file of this server from our website and sit back and enjoy your favorite game with zero limitations.

App NameClash of Magic S4
Size159 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Updated onI day ago

How to Install COM S4

Clash of Magic S4 APK is easy to download and install like the other servers of Clash of Clans. You just have to follow these easy steps to download it.

  • The first step you must do is turn on the unknown resources option from the settings menu. There in the security tab, you can find this option.
  • Download the APK file. You can find this file from our page.
  • After the file is successfully downloaded, give permission and install the file.
  • After the installation process is ready, you can enjoy playing your favorite game.

Final Words

Clash Of Magic S5 Download For Android Windows 10

It is an amazing sever to download and you can easily download this server from our website. If you doubt the safety of your mobile phone, then you can scan all the devices. It is one of the best servers that will provide you all the resources for free and you’ll be able to witness the original gaming experience of Clash of Clans.

Clash Of Magic S5 Download For Android

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