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Technical Information

Downloads - Flight Throttle Quadrant There are no Downloads for this Product. There are no FAQs for this Product. There are no Spare Parts available for this Product. Product Specific Phone Numbers. Main Phone Numbers. Was this article helpful? 0 out of 0 found this helpful. STILL NEED HELP? The Logitech G Flight Yoke System with included Throttle Quadrant features five total axes, stainless steel elevator and aileron control shaft, and 25 fully programmable buttons and switch positions. The yoke system is the hero of flight simulation and part of a complete, balanced setup—all available, modular and interchangeable from Logitech G. The CH Pro Pedal will work with Microsoft Flight Simulator, no drivers necessary, but you'll want to download CH Products Control Manager from their website if you want to customize your controls. This package contains the files needed for installing the Mad Catz Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Flight Simulation system driver. If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix problems, add new functions, or expand existing ones.

Simulation Consumer FAQ

Frequently asked questions on CH Products Retail Simulation Products

What Operating Systems are compatible with my CH Products game controller?
All CH Products USB devices are compatible with all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as MAC OSX 8.6 and above.

USB is a communication protocol used to connect a range of devices to a computer. USB 'game controller' joysticks are plug-and-play with most versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Plug-and-play capabilities should be verified in Windows 'Game Controller' utility.

I have one of your 15 pin controllers. Is there an adapter I can use to convert it to USB?
CH Products no longer supports legacy 15 pin controllers nor do we recommend the use of adapters.

Does my Flight Sim Yoke require drivers?
NO. All retail products are driverless USB Plug-and-play devices and do not require device drivers.

Why is my throttle and rudder automatically increasing / decreasing?
If you are using the Throttle Quadrant or Pro Throttle with any CH yokes or joysticks, you will need to disable all throttle assignments on the yoke or joystick inside your Flight Simulator.
If you are using the Eclipse Yoke and Pro Pedals together, you will need to disable the Rudder, or Z Axis on the Eclipse Yoke inside your Flight Simulator.

Why is my device not showing up in my game?
All devices must be plugged in and recognized in Windows before opening up your Flight Simulation program.

What is Control Manager software and where can I find the latest version?
Control Manager is optional programming software and intended for advanced users who want to program their buttons to function beyond the standard default settings in your game. This software is compatible with Windows operating systems only and are NOT DEVICE DRIVERS. The latest version of Control Manager programming software for the retail product line can be found under each specific retail product. You can also find the download under our 'Download and Community' page located HERE.
** NOTE: The Multi Function Panal (MFP) is the only product that REQUIRES the installation of Control Manager prior to plugging the device in. Please refer to the MFP Quickstart for more information **

I consider myself an 'advanced user', but Control Manager is still a little confusing. Is there a tutorial that will help answer some basic questions?
Absolutely! In addition to the fantastic people on the CH-Hangarforum dedicated to CH Products, you can also find the 'Control Manager Dummies Guide' that should help you get started!

What are the 3 LEDs on the front of my devices for?
The red, green and yellow LEDs on the Eclipse Yoke, Pro Throttle, and Fighterstick are modes that support up to 3 sets of button assignments programmed within the Control Manager software,

Ch Flight Sim Yoke Drivers

Can I customize my controller in my Flight Simulator without installing Control Manager?

All of the buttons on the CH devices can be fully customized through the support of the Flight Simulator. Some buttons are already assigned by default, but you may change the default setting by going into your Flight Sim's main menu > settings > controls or assignments.

Where can I find documentation on what each button does on my controller?
Sample default buttons assignments can be found under our 'Download and Community' page locatedHERE.

Where can I purchase more of these fantastic game controllers?
You can find a list of U.S. and Canadian Retailers and International Retailers under our Sales Network page. also carries our full product line at unbeatable prices!!!

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Ch Flight Sim Yoke Software

Distinctive features

The Flight Sim Yoke is a 5 axis, 20 button avionics flight yoke designed for flight simulation and pilot training. Ergonomic yoke grip with smooth, realistic in and out movement and Throttle, propeller and mixture control at your fingertips.

Ch Products Flight Sim Yoke Software


Ch Products Flight Sim Yoke Drivers For Mac
  • 5 axis and 20 buttons, X & Y axis on the grips for aileron and elevator, Z, R & U axis in the levers for Throttle, prop, mixture
  • Four traditional pushbuttons, 2 bi-directional flip switches, 2 bi-directional rocker switches and 1 eight-way POV hat switch
  • Total of 144 programmable functions with optional PC programming software (included)
  • Large, sturdy mounting base with 7 foot USB cable
  • Plug and Play driverless USB installation for both PC and Macintosh
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX
  • Typical Applications

    CONTROL MANAGER PC Software Download-
    Version 4.xx
    Download the current version of Control Manager
    Software here.

    PLEASE NOTE: This software is programming software only. NOT DEVICE DRIVERS! If you are unsure if you need this software, do not install.

    Ch flight sim yoke software


    The Control Manager software allows a user to program their CH USB devices. The CH Control Manager currently supports the following CH USB devices…

    • Eclipse Yoke
    • Multi Function Panel (MFP)
    • Fighterstick
    • Combatstick
    • Flightstick Pro
    • Flight Sim Yoke
    • Pro Throttle
    • Throttle Quadrant
    • Pro Pedals


    The Control Manager is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64bit Edition, Windows Vista (all editions), as well as Windows 7 & 8 (all editions) and 10. It is only compatible with CH USB devices.

    Installation Instructions
    Before installing the newest version of Control Manager, be sure to uninstall any previous versions from your computer. Also, be sure that any anti-virus software is disabled.

    How do I install the Control Manager?

    Select your version of Windows from the drop down menu and click on the 'DOWNLOAD' button to begin downloading the CH Control Manager.

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